Apple iPhone XR : Owner Review

by Luzaan Labuschagne

Hi There, My name is Luzaan. Gamer, wife and stay at home mom to fur babies, enjoying my piece of tech, just as much as the second guy.  Now, the same type of research you would put into, before buying any new console, or media player, generally goes into, buying a new phone. Hours and hours, of browsing different sites, and reading reviews, maybe even opening up a couple of Youtube tabs. BUT, it’s not the same as when you have the product in your hand, and you start you thinking, was this the right product for me. My review, my iPhoneXR, I chose this device, as it is my every day almost attached as a second limb piece of tech I have. From calling, to skyping, mobile games, research, productivity. Everything is done on this little device. My initial response. I LOVE it, but it could be that I am a crazy Apple fan, almost my piece of Upper East Side, Manhattan. I switched over a couple of years ago, and since then, no turning back. Poor husband, can’t keep up, its like catching Pokemon, gonna catch them all. (In my case purchase them all.) So I have an iPhoneXR, software ver 12.3.1. 64GB. Blue Edition. I use to have the Apple iPhone 7 you can see all the specs here (Tech specs) 

My IPhoneXR Specs.

Now my new iPhoneXR came with some nice features. (Tech specs here)
  • Wireless charging
  • 6.1? LCD liquid screen
  • 13.5Hours Battery Life
  • Face ID
  • Edge to Edge screen
  • Lots of colors (Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue)
  • IP67 waterproof (Have to honest, have not tested this. Super scared my phone will break)

What I didn’t enjoy upfront.

All great, I was super stoked for the wireless charging, but as time went on, I wasn’t happy about not using my phone whilst on a charge. This is your choice if you want to use wireless charging. Another thing, since the removal of the jack (earphones port) you have this annoying adapter, that you need to carry around with you if you haven’t purchased the Apple earpods. For a Smart device, that, in my opinion, wasn’t a smart choice. Currently, if you still haven’t purchased the earpods, you have an adapter that can split the two, and you can input your charger and earphones at the same time. Although I do wish, for the price of the contract, or the phone, they would include a downgraded version of the earpods. Now, this puts you back in ZAR about R249.00. I also had to purchase a cover immediately, because of the glass backing. don’t want that to break that, the screen, because of the edge to edge, I struggled for a day, to find a glass protector, and the one, which I found, wasn’t even compatible with my phone, but I had to get one, needless to say, when I dropped my phone, the protector cracked, and I had to remove it.

What I did enjoy.

I have enjoyed, the edge by edge screen, and a larger display. Getting used to not having a button was tricking for a day or two, maybe being blonde, but once you get the hang of not having that button, the phone is super awesome. Mobile games, through the App Store, are also great, there is a variety, and with the edge to edge screen, it’s even better, it gave me the same sense as when I was playing with my PS Vita,  I have installed several games, including Fortnite, and it was great fun. As for Music, who doesn’t want 65 hours of music? With Apple Music and a subscription of R89.00, you can stream, download, create playlists, and enjoy every genre. My battery life has been substantially longer, with the iPhoneXR, giving about 1.5hours more than the 7, and talk time up to 6 hours longer. I typically only charge my phone, once every 2 days, and I am constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and more. The photo quality looks amazing, and I still enjoy my Live videos, including the panoramic photos. The sound on the iPhoneXR is fantastic, there are times when I have to lower the volume because it disturbs the others in the lounge area. With the latest update on iPhoneXR, they have included the Apple TV app, for those fortunate enough to own one, this makes watching apple TV an easy breeze. You can purchase or rent movies, and they have a great selection, from top current to some really great oldies.


As for pricing, I got mine on contract, it did go up by a substantial amount, however with all the features, and processing power that is 2x faster than the iPhone 7, it is worth it, in my mind. Pricing below is only indicative and could have changed. Pricing on accessories for an iPhoneXR isn’t cheap either, whether it be the adapter, a wireless charger, Bluetooth earphones, it comes at a cost. I guess I can see why some consumers prefer to go to other brands. Even though the pricing on accessories is a bit hectic, the quality is great, and the durability. I have had a pair of original earphones, for 4 years, and they sound the same as the day I got them. Apple has a niche market of customers, and it is no wonder why. With pricing and preferred brand as their reason to purchase this item, a select few will opt to fork out money for all the latest in Apple accessories. iphone-xr-au-pricing.png

Overall Thoughts.

Overall, since I have been using this piece of tech since November, except for the wireless charging, which could present, a pain. Covers and screen protectors were an issue, maybe after almost released a year later, won’t be any longer. As for Smart devices, I still believe there is a reason, why this brand has been on top. Ease of use, sleek design, and great features. I would give it an overall score of 8 out of 10.