Apple iPhone SE: User Review

by Sable Wright

When the iPhone SE hit the market, there wasn’t as much hype about it. So, I hope I will be forgiven for not taking interest until it was almost too late and its successors had already been chosen. In fact, I chanced upon it when a friend came to visit and as fond as he is of his tech collection, I couldn’t help asking for a feel of his latest device. It was all I needed to make it the first item on my shopping list the very next day.



Like most people, I had always believed that the larger the phone, the better everything else. The iPhone SE has changed my faith, though not in an unpleasant way whatsoever. Only six months after I got it from the Apple store, it has proved worthy of praise even from a skeptical being like me. Although small, the phone is powerful enough to challenge most other bigger models into a duel and emerge unscathed. However, its ease of use was what took me in at first.

Battery Life and Charging

I have the luck of owning both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE. With only a small difference in mAh—from 1560mAh to1624mAh—the iPhone SE has a much longer battery life. I usually spend the better part of the day on my phone taking and making calls, checking mails, watching YouTube videos, visiting social platforms and even running Maps. While all this may involve continuous use of the phone for as long as 12 hours, there is almost half of battery life left. This means pure uninterrupted comfort both when I’m engaged in official business and when I switch to a personal mode. It does not take such a long time to charge the iPhone SE. Since it has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6s its charge time should logically be shorter. It takes only about two hours to fully charge it. However, there is the risk of short lifespan of the battery from quicker charging.

Performance and Design

I have mentioned that one of the features that attracted me to the is its powerful features in a small body. It would be a great injustice if I don’t tell you about its speed. The phone is fast in almost everything including loading of webpages, opening apps and switching of tasks. In addition, its small design allows effortless one-hand operation and makes it easy to carry around in my pocket. However, the small 4-inch screen display means you see less content and thus more scrolling.

Strength and Durability

The iPhone SE is a small phone but this does not mean that it is weak in any aspect. While I’m not exactly praying for a chance to take it for repairs as a result of a fall or failures, it has withstood much of the tests of time. Its matte edges reduce the possibilities of scratching. However, I don’t use a case and continued usage has left a nick or two on the logo.


Best Features

  • A powerful iPhone in a small body
  • Battery life is longer than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s
  • Fast speed and high performance
  • Strong camera
  • Lower price
If you have owned the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, then you have an idea of what the iPhone SE looks and feels. In fact, the design was picked from the former of editions. However, most of the similarities are limited to the design. My hands are not so big and I’m glad to have a phone that I can comfortably work on with one hand without too much straining. In addition, it feels good to know that you have a powerful device that is not such a big load. Anyone who is used to the iPhone 6S Plus will feel the difference when carrying the iPhone SE in their pockets. The phone has a simple but powerful enough camera app. This means that while the camera is easy to use, it delivers high quality pictures. Further, I can view my pictures as short videos after shooting them as Live Photos.

Worst Features

  • Old  design
  • Old  screen technology
  • Small screen
  • Rattling home key
Apple had its own reasons for revisiting an old design. It claimed that people loved it. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have minded a little more innovation from a company that has brought some of the best designs in the phone market. Without a case, the edges of the phone feel a little bit harsh. There is no difference in display between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s. The screen has a 1136 x 640 resolution producing 326 pixels per inch but it comes with a reddish color that gets worse when you tilt the phone in some angles. However, it is still decent enough to be used outdoors and provide a sharp view of web pages.

iphone 2

Overall Review

When it comes to the iPhone SE, looks are a deception. It did not come with the fanfare associated with the launch of new iPhones and like me, many people may had been led into thinking that there was not much to look forward to. If you are, however, looking for a small phone that is easy to operate and carry about but gives you the benefits of a large device, you should go for the iPhone SE. Located at the bottom of the phone is the speaker which although not over the top, is quite decent. Regrettably, the maximum volume is not as high as with other smartphones but the audio quality is good enough for a small phone. Even at the top volume, the sound is balanced and suffers no distortions. I’ve always found the call quality of my iPhone SE something to be proud of. The ear speaker is loud and clear while the noise-cancelling mic gets rid of any external noises when I’m making a call. There may be better louder speakers than the ones that come with the phone but I can comfortably make a call even in windy environments and when there is a lot of noise coming from traffic. If you have been trying to get your hands on a phone that is small on portability but big on technology, there you are. Don’t allow the old design to put you off. Like I have said, it is just a deception that should not stand between you and a real worthy iPhone coming at an affordable price.   OVERALL RATING: 8/10