Apple i-Pod 6 GEN: User Review

by Erica from America

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I purchased the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB device about 4 months ago in September 2016. I had somewhat odd, roundabout reason for purchasing this device. I wanted a newer, faster phone and a new, more advanced camera, but I wasn't exactly in dire need for a new phone but was ready to upgrade to apple-level quality and modernity. When you think about it, the latest iPhone is over 3x the price of the latest Apple iPod. Since I had a working phone, it actually made perfect sense to use my old phone to meet my needs of having a phone, and buy a relatively inexpensive iPod to meet my needs of modernity, speed, and camera quality.  

Battery Life and Charging

This Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB holds a fairly long charge and charges rather quickly. When I use it for long periods of time it is when I am listening to an ebook. From a fully charged battery, an ebook can play for a good 4 hours before running out of battery. The Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB fully charges very quickly. From a dead battery, it will fully charge in a little over an hour.

Performance and Design

This Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB  is a nice, lightweight device. One issue all of us poor folks with thick fingers will always have with a small screen is the difficulty in typing – it is too easy to press the wrong button. Apple does a nice job trying to resolve this with autocorrect, which helps a lot but doesn’t totally eliminate the problem. The only time in which I have encountered any problems with slow performance is occasionally in connecting to the internet, however, that may be a problem outside of the device. Some of the best modern features I enjoy are in the camera. It has a really nice panorama feature, taking really nice panorama photos. The new features of the camera are always providing a great novelty experience. There is a new slo-mo feature with which we have had some great laughs in the family. It is reminiscent of the old days of Photobooth when friends and family could be entertained for hours snapping funny distorted photos on Photobooth. 

Strength and Durability

I have had no issues with the strength or durability of this Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB. Apple products have always impressed me with how much abuse they can take. This iPod is a little brick. Mine lives in a house in which small children often come around and get into every electronic device, and I have no concern of little hands destroying my iPod. 

Best Features


The camera on this Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB has several interesting features.


Time-lapse on the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB is a feature that carefully selections frames in a video and turns them into a time-lapse video. It can be quite entertaining while taking a silly family video, or very useful when you want an interesting and different way of documenting something in photos or video.


As I’ve mentioned before the slo-mo feature on the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB camera can be a very entertaining novelty when hanging around with your friends or family – we can always use a good laugh. Get some good home slo-mo video of young children, and it could turn into an old family gem you treasure forever.


The Panorama feature on the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB is great. You have to hold the screen vertically, it won’t work horizontally, which took me a minute to figure out. Then I realized how much that makes sense because the final shot is going to be very wide. I think the final photo the pano takes is a little too long, but you can crop in your photos app. Another great thing about the panorama feature is it gives you direction on taking a great shot. It tells you to slow down if you are panning too fast, and it tells you to move up or move down if you are not moving in a straight line. And if you are anything like me, it will also stop taking the photo if you are really screwing up, helping you learn how to take better pano shots.


I love the Health feature on this Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB. It tracks your steps and distance traveled, and if you want to download accompanying apps you can record your nutrition intake, etc. This is a great alternative for people who don’t want to splurge on an activity tracker.

Ample Memory

16 GB provides ample memory for my uses. I use the camera a lot, take lots of photos, and when it gets to be too many photos, I can put them up on my computer and clear out the photos.

Price compared to iPhone

The model of the iPhone that was released closest in time to this Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB was the iPhone 6s. That phone, at 16 gigs currently sells for about $350. The Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB sells for $199 at the apple store. That's a win for me! 

Worst Features

The only complaint I have about the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB is the extensive process to initially set up the iPod. It is off-putting to people who just want to use it without having to personalize it with so much of your information. 

Overall Review

My overall review of this Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB is it is a great cheaper alternative to an iPhone if you don’t necessarily need to burn all your cash on a new phone. The release of the Apple iPod 6 GEN 16 GB was 1.5 years ago, so the technology is quite modern. It is comparable in technology to the iPhone 6s, which is almost double the price of the iPod 6 GEN. My favorite thing to do with this device is to use it for exercise. I like listening to audio books on it, as well as my music collection. I like to bring it in the car so I can use my commute time to listen to a good book. Another main feature I have appreciated is using the Health feature. It is another cheaper alternative to documenting your daily movement if you can keep it on your body all day, as opposed to buying an activity tracker. It is the perfect solution for someone like me who doesn’t quite need to buy a new phone but allows me to use more modern technology and moves faster than my old phone while I wait for it to die.

Overall rating: 9/10

For more information, go to the apple website here.