WHOOSHI | HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier & Sound Personalization

Raveena Sakiri, 2019-01-11

<p>If you love music as much as I do, then the WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization is just the thing you need in your life right now! Whether while traveling or just getting some work done on your computer, you can now be assured for high resolution and high-quality sound round the clock. The creators of this amazing little gadget recognized some points which needed some improvement in the field of sound technology and they built the WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization to combat some of the struggles earphone users may face on a day to day basis.</p>
<p>Why should you choose the WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization?</p>
<h4>Easy to use</h4>
<p>This handy little gadget is portable and very easy to use, even for the technologically impaired folks! All you need to do is plug it into your earphones or headphones, pair with your smartphone and voila! You can now enjoy high-resolution sound on the go! You can even use this while exercising by clipping it onto your t-shirt or athleisure wear.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Turn your wired headset into a wireless high-resolution headset</h4>
<p>If you are a regular earphones/headphones wearer, you would be quite aware of the annoyance that comes along with the long wires and cables when you are trying to be functional in your day to day life. The&nbsp;WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization is here to make that part of your day extremely simple and bearable.</p>
<h4>Stream music on the go</h4>
<p>You can use the Bluetooth feature and stream music from any of your devices which have Bluetooth, and use the&nbsp;WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization without any worry. With a 33 feet radius Bluetooth range, it not only makes the music listening experience simpler, but it also enhances the quality of sound, giving you an immediate escape.</p>
<h4>Personalize your music quality</h4>
<p>This is the best feature of this device, in my opinion. Not only can you make the audio from your smartphone, tablet or computer high quality, but it also gives you the liberty to customize the audio quality according to your ears and personal preferences. Everyone has different ears and hearing abilities, and this device pays extra attention to every detail which some audio devices may overlook.</p>
<h4>Make and receive calls simply</h4>
<p>It also has a built-in microphone which makes it easy to make and receive calls. If you are in the middle of listening to music and receive a call, all you need to do is press a button and you can switch to phone call mode immediately.</p>
<h4>Available in 3 awesome colors!</h4>
<p>You can buy the&nbsp;WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization device in three amazing shades – black, navy blue and rose. Choose what you like best and be prepared to hear the best audio quality of your life!</p>
<p>The&nbsp;WHOOSHI HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier and Sound Personalization device is revolutionary and will definitely affect how you consume audio data on a regular basis. The clear and enhanced audio quality will give your music listening sessions a whole new meaning, and will also make phone calls more enjoyable. With an eight-hour long battery life, which can be recharged with a USB cable, high-quality audio is no longer a far-fetched dream!</p>


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