UDrone: The Ultimate Mind-Controlled Drone

LynnMuturi_Githaiga, 2019-04-01

<p>The UDrone is definitely the ultimate drone. From its mind-blowing features that were once deemed impossible in a drone, making taking pictures and videos seamless.</p>
<h4>Can I take my drone pictures hands-free?</h4>
<p>Yes, yes and yes. With the UDrone, you do not have to use a remote controller or transmitter. You can control how it functions with your mind, gestures and subject tracking. The UDrone enables you to take pictures from whichever height and angle that you may want to without having to worry that you will fall. The UDrone uses brain electrical impulses, all you need is to focus on the drone and imagine that it is taking off. The UDrone will rise and start buzzing in the air, you can then tilt your head in the direction that you wish it to turn and land the drone by biting your back teeth for 2seconds. Taking the shot only requires you to blink twice or make the peace sign with your hand.</p>
<h4>Quality all the way&nbsp;</h4>
<p>One great advantage of a drone is that it can easily maneuver to great heights and with the HD camera of the UDrone which is sensitive to light and colours, it is in a position to deliver high-quality images. The UDrone has an f/2.8 wide-angle lens and 1/3.2 inch Sony CMOS sensor which enables you to take 1080P stabilized videos with the same 8MP. UDrone definitely delivers nothing but quality in both pictures and videos.</p>
<h4>Follow me</h4>
<p>The UDrone has a feature that enables it to follow you everywhere you want it to. If your a vlogger or just in the mood to take some very amazing videos while for example climbing mountains, cycling during your vacation or just walking. The UDrone will follow you and place you in the middle of the screen ensuring that your footage is nothing but the best.</p>
<h4>Beautiful in and out&nbsp;</h4>
<p>The UDrone very small, it is actually the size of your palm. Yes, this means you can carry it around when walking with so much ease as you do your mobile phone. In addition, it is only 85g in weight. Since it is light in weight and also has protective bumpers, when practicing how to operate it and it crashes, the UDrone will rarely be destroyed as compared to other heavier drone designs. There's a UDrone app that can be installed in your Android or IOS devices, the UDrone can fly up to 60metres from your phone and its battery life can last up to 25minutes.</p>
<h4>Value for Money</h4>
<p>No matter where you're taking the picture or video shots from, the UDrone has you covered. It has an auto flight control system that enables the UDrone to maintain its balance midair. In addition, when you are undertaking an activity like skiing, the UDrone has an optical flow technology that enables it to detect the movement and therefore fly in a more balanced way to the movement so that you are able to get a seamless picture shot that is not hazy.</p>


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