The World's First Truly Wireless Charger

Noel Lanto, 2019-01-11

<p>Mobile phones have always enjoyed constant innovation. From huge, clunky, button-filled machines to sleek and stylish personal devices, innovators strived not only to improve the phone's functionality but also its aesthetics. While the mobile phone received much interest for improvements, the charger seems to have always been left out of the race. Sure, chargers nowadays are now able to charge your phones at a fraction of the time it used to. But while being able to get a full charge in minutes is indeed very convenient, it doesn't have that groundbreaking coolness that would actually make the charger a celebrated device by itself. And that's about to change with the Funxim Wireless Pro. This new and revolutionary product is set to give the humble charger its long overdue advancement and excitement, changing the way you think about charging your phone.</p>
<h4>The most revolutionary wireless charger</h4>
<p>The Funxim Wireless Pro is the idea of wireless as it should be. While typical wireless chargers allow you to charge your phone without having to connect both devices together using wire, there's still the nuance of the visible wire that connects the charger to the wall socket. No matter how much you roll up wires to keep them neat, they're still something you just put up with out of necessity. Fact is: nobody likes seeing wires. And the Funxim Wireless Pro is here to do just that. This unique tabletop charger has no visible wires, keeping your surface neat and clean. All that's on your desk is the sticker pad where you put your Qi-enabled phones to charge. No wires at all.&nbsp; You can definitely maximize your surface real estate without unsightly wires sprawling around. The Funxim Wireless Pro is also splash resistant. No need to worry when you spill coffee, milk, soda, or any beverage on the sticker pad. Simply wipe it off and it's still ready to charge your phones, thanks to this advanced technology.</p>
<h4>Modern and minimalist design</h4>
<p>Visually, the Funxim Wireless Pro sports a modern minimalist design. The sticker pad is pretty to look at and even adds to your tabletop aesthetics. Its small footprint makes it unintrusive, allowing you to maximize space for other things.</p>
<p>The secret is that the base of the Funxim Wireless Pro is latched underneath the table. Simply stick the charging base in place, and stick the pad directly on the top side of the table aligned with the base. The sticker pad is actually a receiver which draws the power that's coming from the base.&nbsp; That way, you won't see any wires on top because all the wires are connected on the charging base under, leaving your desktop clear of any clutter. The design is so revolutionary and carefully thought of, it's almost like magic.</p>
<p>The Funxim Wireless Pro is the most revolutionary charger to date and the embodiment of wireless at its best. It's the only wireless charger that can keep your desktop absolutely wire-free, at the same time being visually appealing on its own. The Funxim Wireless Pro's state of the art design is indeed the perfect harmony of both form and function.&nbsp;</p>


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