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Abuga Aroni, 2019-01-18

<p>In 2019, climate change has established itself as a problem which we need to deal with head-on. We need to take radical action and have to make changes in our everyday lives in order to reverse it.</p>
<p>One of these changes is using alternative means of transportation in order to replace our biggest source of greenhouse gases – gas vehicles. Some of these readily available solutions come in the form of electric cars, electric scooters, and electric skateboards. Yes, skateboards!</p>
<p>Electric skateboards are becoming lighter, more efficient and can travel further and faster on a single charge. They have a low impact on the environment and they are relatively affordable.&nbsp;<br />They should be a serious contender for an environmentally sustainable transport method, for your everyday commute.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Why an electric skateboard is perfect for the last mile commute (and the environment)</h4>
<p>The average electric skateboard today weighs around 10lbs, is around 33in in height and can travel around 10miles (on a single charge). They allow you to weave in and out of traffic or between people as you skate on the sidewalk. If you encounter a road you can't skate, you can simply pick up the board and walk the next few meters, to the next skateable location.</p>
<p>The low weight and reasonable height means that they are portable and that they can be stored easily. You can put them under your desk at work, or at your locker at school with ease. They don't take up much space and can basically only be brought out when you need to use them. They are a lot easier to store and manage than a bicycle.</p>
<p>The large transport range means you can easily commute from home to school, to work and even to a restaurant for your lunch break. You can easily charge your skateboard at these locations, to give it a top up so it has enough to juice to get to the next spot. Even if it does run out of charge, you can easily push it to wherever you need to go -&nbsp; you can't simply push your car if it runs out of gas, can you?</p>
<p>Since they are only carrying your weight, electric skateboards are really efficient with how much power they use. They don't have too many moving parts so are able to keep the power loss to a minimum.</p>
<p>All this comes in an affordable package that doesn't break the bank.</p>
<h4>Why you should get the TEAMGEE H6 skateboard</h4>
<p>The Teamgee is a high-quality skateboard in an affordable package. It comes in a classic pintail shape, with a beautiful black design with race inspired red stripes.<br />The board itself is made up of a maple and carbon combination, to keep it lightweight but really strong. It can support up to 220lbs (100kg) in weight because of this and only weighs a total of 14lbs.</p>
<p>The electric skateboard is great for beginners and comes with 2-speed modes. It has a low-speed 11mph mode and a high-speed 18.6mph mode. The low speed is perfect for beginners and people still getting familiar with skating.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The motors behind the speed are powerful and can take you up an incline of maximum 20degrees. These motors are super quiet hub motors and will be virtually silent when you accelerate, unlike their belt motor companions.</p>
<p>The board features rkp (reverse kingpin) trucks which will have smooth turning and be stable at those high speeds. This, paired with its long 31in wheelbase, means you can go fast without worry of getting wobbles. It's recommended you tighten down your trucks if you want to be even more stable.</p>
<p>Finally, the board features a battery with a decent range. The range is 11miles and this should last your two or more trips. The battery takes 2 hours to charge, so you can charge it at work or school as you prepare to commute.&nbsp;<br />Fortunately, the longboard uses hub motors instead of belt ones. This means it doesn't have much rolling resistance and you can push it along if the battery dies.</p>


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