STEMpedia: Young Innovator's Paradise

Lauren Himes, 2019-03-14

<p>STEMpedia is offering an exceptional starter pack for kids which teaches kids electronics, coding and robotics through cool and exciting projects.&nbsp; It is a go-to platform for all their creative needs, providing a basis for new-age technology, various projects, and program robotics.&nbsp; This is one of the best learning platforms for teens and preteens.&nbsp; Through engaging online courses, interactive games and apps, DIY project guides, and numerous other educational resources, kids have numerous hands-on learning opportunities.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Evive offers an Intuitive Plug and Play platform</h4>
<p>With Evive, an intuitive prototyping device, kids can access this easy plug-and-play platform.&nbsp; Evive offers kids countless project making opportunities and helps facilitate the learning process.&nbsp; With many versatile mechanical and electronic components, all the included features in this device alone are easily worth over $300.&nbsp; Along with Evive comes the Young Maker's Guide which is filled with self-explanatory DIY projects, and provides the technical skills needed to create these projects.</p>
<h4>STEM Safari provides Engaging Online Courses</h4>
<p>Through STEM Safari's series of three online courses, kids can learn the 'hows' and 'whys' of electronics, programming and robotics.&nbsp; All of the courses allow kids to work at their own pace and provide step by step guides making it easy to understand and learn on their own time.&nbsp; Kids progress is also assessed through periodic assessments and quizzes.&nbsp; They also offer certifications upon completion of the courses.&nbsp; These interactive courses are a great resource helping kids learn and enjoy the overall process.</p>
<h4>Pictoblox Allows for Simplified Coding Skills</h4>
<p>Through Pictoblox, a graphical programming interface, kids are able to learn to code in a simplified and fun format.&nbsp; With its simple drag and drop application, users are able to create interactive games and animations and make robots dance along with different tunes.&nbsp; This easy-to-use application supports learning and fun for kids as they develop important skills in an interactive and relatable way.&nbsp; Pictoblox breaks down more challenging future skills and makes them more understandable for kids.</p>
<h4>Dabble Connects with Bluetooth to Bring your Projects to Life</h4>
<p>STEMpedia also comes with another excellent application which works along with your projects to make them more versatile.&nbsp; Using Dabble, users can control their creations via Bluetooth wirelessly.&nbsp; This means they are able to control robots, stream feedback, and exploit sensor data from the GPS, microphone, and camera – all through a smartphone application.&nbsp; Dabble is currently available on Google Play and will soon be available on the Apple App Store as well.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>All in all, STEMpedia offers exceptional tools for children to build essential skills for the future.&nbsp; Helping to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical abilities, and creativity, the resources provided in this kit undoubtedly help prepare kids for the future in numerous ways.&nbsp; &nbsp;In addition to these skills, using STEMpedia also supports teamwork and technical literacy skills.&nbsp; Through using the numerous resources and guides provided in this platform, kids are able to not only learn countless important skills but truly enjoy the process!&nbsp; Supporting curiosity and perpetual learning, the educational resources provided with STEMpedia are offered at an exceptional value for a low price!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


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