Stemoscope, Listen To The Sound Of Life

Kristine Faye Paneda, 2019-03-12

<p>Stemoscope is a revolutionary stethoscope that is a promising feat for the future – future of not only the medical field but also of the general public – of anyone who would love to listen and see, and discover the sounds of life.</p>
<p>In this digital age where almost everything is becoming wireless, medical tools should not be taken for granted. You can now enjoy the sounds of life on the go!&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Stethoscope versus Stemoscope</h4>
<p>A stethoscope is a must-have instrument for all health professionals, specifically nurses and doctors. It is a vital tool for assessment that greatly helps in determining a diagnosis. The traditional stethoscope is composed of a small resonator and a tube connected to earpieces. It is usually seen around the neck, coiled in large pockets, hung by the walls, or simply being held by health care providers.</p>
<p>With advanced technology and the hard efforts of researchers and developers, auscultation for the various sound of life is no longer limited by the reach of the tubes, nor it is exclusive to medical professionals. Now, auscultation is made astonishingly fun, substantially informative and extraordinarily satisfying with stemoscope.</p>
<h4>Perks of Stemoscope</h4>
<p><strong>1. Rich features through an app.</strong> Stemoscope lets you discover more sounds. It can guide you where to put the device on your body to hear sounds. You can visualize and record the sounds you hear. It can also alter your voice for fun.</p>
<p><strong>2. Portable.&nbsp;</strong>The old stethoscopes are also portable, but stemoscope is compact like a dollar coin. It is tubeless that you can auscultate as far as 2 meters away. It is lightweight and can fit in any pocket or purse you like.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>3. Adaptability.&nbsp;</strong>Stemoscope is user-friendly. Anyone can conveniently use it with or without medical knowledge. It is intended not only for assessment but also for leisure. The stemoscope is wireless and can be connected through an app via Bluetooth that you can easily navigate. It will allow learning and appreciation of sounds for all people, no matter their age is.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>4. Durability.&nbsp;</strong>Stemoscope is made of ABS plastic and zinc alloy with chrome plating which is safe even to sensitive skin. The research and development team did a comprehensive comparison of various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and zinc alloy for the device, and they ultimately chose what is best for acoustic performance, manufacturability, and design. It would only take alcohol wipes or pads to clean it.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It weighs 30 grams and can function up to 5 hours of continuous usage. It also comes with a rechargeable Li-ion Battery worth 5mAh that you can charge with a USB cable.</p>
<p><strong>5. Affordability. </strong>Stemoscope is a great investment not to miss. The Kickstarter special starts at $29 which saves you 26% off the regular price. Compared to traditional stethoscopes that cost $5-$160, Stemoscope offers a lot more features than stethoscopes do.</p>
<h4>Why get a Stemoscope?</h4>
<p>Stemoscope is an advanced tool intended to let you feel, share and explore the sounds of life. Modern technology has paved the way for creative projects like the Stemoscope. People always have their smartphones with them – it has become a vital part of living nowadays. Why not add learning, fun, and discovery to your daily life? Stemoscope is a tool that will show you how great it is for living things to have sounds that signify life.</p>


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