SolarCru:Smallest And Lightest Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Karen Rose Kingsbury, 2019-01-08

<p>Are you an adventurous freelancer who needs to be able to work outdoors? Do you prefer eco-friendly products that allow you to make the most of the resources you have? Would a portable, lightweight solar panel make your work life easier to manage? Whether you are a wildlife photographer, travel writer or even a social influencer, there is now a highly efficient option for charging your mobile devices on the go with SolarCru: the smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger.</p>
<p>Say goodbye to hours wasted in your hostel or an internet cafe waiting for your devices to be fully charged before you can get on the move again. Forget needing to carry heavy and bulky charging packs that take up too much room in your bag. And never have to worry about how much longer a device will last before you can reach a mains power point again. SolarCru is ready whenever you are and has multiple handy features that allow you to focus simply on the job in hand, wherever you work and whatever it is you need to do.</p>
<h4>Choose Re-Usable Energy</h4>
<p>Do you wish you could do more to reduce your carbon footprint or to help the overall health of the planet? Outdoor freelancers know better than most the negative impacts of human activity on rural places. With a natural energy source such as solar to power your devices, you can rest assured that your SolarCru purchase is a positive one for the environments you work in.</p>
<p>Eco-friendly purchases make sense for our future and allow us to reduce our personal impact on the planet&rsquo;s health. Re-usable energy technology is advancing rapidly and can be used in so many more ways than ever before, so why wouldn&rsquo;t you choose re-usable? Your SolarCru foldable solar panel charger can provide safe charging and even charge in parallel with more than one panel connected for maximised device charging times.</p>
<h4>Optimise Your Working Time</h4>
<p>Do you find you just get into what you are doing and then your battery life starts to rush you along? Not only can you work in a more environmentally friendly way with SolarCru, but you can also work for longer periods of time outdoors without the need to return to a base with charging points.</p>
<p>When a low battery threatens to ruin your writing train of thought or cause you to miss the ultimate light for that photographic interaction you&rsquo;ve waited hours for, simply take out your solar panel charger and connect your device. Optimise your outdoor working time even on overcast days with super sensitive panels and a light indicator that helps guide you to the best set up position.</p>
<p>So if you feel most at home in the wild, get your SolarCru foldable solar panel charger immediately. Stay away from the towns and cities for longer and contribute positively to our planet&rsquo;s valuable energy resources. SolarCru comes with many other incredibly useful features; from the corner grommets that allow you to strap the solar panel to your backpack to the lightweight and easily stored aspects too! Who knew such a valuable little device existed for all us outdoor freelancers?</p>


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