See Sense BEAM & ICON2 – Our Brightest Bike Lights Yet

Abuga Aroni, 2019-01-10

<p>When you watch futuristic movies, you see visions and ideas of technology adapted to seamlessly help us in our daily tasks. Technology so ergonomic, that they seem to naturally fit into our daily lives. Well for cyclists, the future is here and it's manifested itself as the See sense Beam &amp; ICON2.<br /><br />These two bike lights were designed with cyclists needs and wants in mind. With the ICON2 coming off the wave of the successful kickstart campaign its predecessor the Icon. Find out what makes them stand out from traditional bike lights below.</p>
<h4>See Sense Beam, what makes it worth it?</h4>
<p>The Beam is a front bike light designed with a few nifty features to make your riding experience in the dark safer and a lot easier.</p>
<p>It features an intelligent pulse function that has yet to be seen in other front bike lights. This pulsing function makes it a lot easier for drivers to notice you in the dark and the Beam flashes it automatically at roundabouts, junctions and places with poor lighting.</p>
<p>The Beam features a light sensor which measures the level of light around you and adjusts how bright the bike light will be. This allows for greater efficiency and helps extend how long your battery can last between charges. The feature also works well when you need&nbsp;to see further in the dark.</p>
<p>The Beam can also be paired with a mobile app. This allows it to adjust how bright it shines, so you can see further when riding fast or closer when riding slowly, to conserve energy and increase its battery life.</p>
<p>Its last useful feature is a 'battery saver mode' that switches on when the power reserves dip below 20%. It limits its brightness to extend how long you can use it, so you can safely get wherever you need to go.</p>
<h4>The ICON2, what makes it stand out?</h4>
<p>The first iteration of these bike lights was highly regarded and won some awards. The second iteration aims to be as successful and even more useful than the first.<br /><br />The ICON2 comes as either a front or rear bike light.&nbsp;<br />Both lights are extremely bright, with the front measuring 400lumens and the rear 300lumens. Both are bright enough that you'll be visible up to 3km away.</p>
<p>Similar to the Beam. The ICON2 also has a pulse option and automatically flashes when you near roundabouts, junctions and as you filter through traffic.&nbsp;<br />The rear light features a brake mode that can be enabled in the mobile app. The brake mode allows the rear light to flash solidly, similar to a brake light on a car as you slow down.</p>
<p>Finally, the ICON2 adjusts brightness to elongate its battery life. This way, a rider can have a couple days worth of use from one charge only.</p>
<h4>Who should get one?</h4>
<p>If you riding in the winter and commute from your work, these bike lights will add more value to your riding experience and they will make cycling in the dark a lot safer for you.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Though they will cost you quite a bit, they beat traditional bike lights by a mile. I really recommend them, especially if you cycle every day. Someone who cycles every day will be able to get the most use out of them and be able to really feel the difference of using them.&nbsp;</p>
<p>These lights will make your riding safer. Cars will be able to see you and give you the respect you need on the road, and you'll be able to safely navigate poorly lit areas. <br />Both bike lights feature crash and theft alerts. The crash alerts allow the app to notify your emergency contact of your location via sms, a useful feature if anything severe happens to you in a remote location or otherwise.<br />Similarly, the anti-theft measure alerts you if your bike is moved without your knowledge and if you are within range of it.</p>
<p>Either bike lights simply make sense for any modern bike rider. They should have a place on every bike.</p>


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