Revolutionary Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Rosalyne Field, 2019-01-08

<p>As a regular camper and resident of some truly remote places in Africa, I can't tell you how many times I have had to improvise and get creative when it comes to charging batteries for my devices, especially torches and camping lanterns! Batteries, however, can be very hard to come by in the remote African villages of Mozambique, Zambia and the like. Besides, who wants to carry around bags of spare batteries that will only end up polluting the lush, gorgeous African landscapes when they are thrown out? Not ideal for someone who wants to reduce their eco-footprint on this precious land!</p>
<p>I love this continent and I want to protect its magic – but the fact remains, it can get very dark out in the bush at night, far from the lights of civilization. Having a good, working torch can become not only helpful but extremely necessary for those late night trips to the latrine – often just a hole in the ground with a few pieces of bamboo staked around it for some semblance of privacy. Having a working torch can actually become a matter of life and death, believe it or not! The last thing you need is for the battery to fail you on your trek from your tent to the latrine, plunging you into darkness.</p>
<p><em>Life and death? </em>You ask.<em> Surely not!</em></p>
<p>I am not over-exaggerating, I promise. I have so many stories to choose from, like this one:</p>
<h4>In the bush</h4>
<p>Rousing groggily from sleep, I rolled out of my tent in remote Northern Mozambique and climbed to my feet to stumble to the latrine in the middle of the night. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I switched on my flashlight and made my way down the little, trodden dirt path to the latrine only to jump back with a strangled cry as my light illuminated a deadly Black Mamba snake in the path ahead of me, head reared back and ready to strike! One more step and my sandaled foot would have trodden on him. He would have bitten me and I would have been dead within twenty minutes; no medical clinics within miles of us. Fortunately, the snake slithered quickly into the bushes on the side of the path and I continued on my way after my heart finally descended back from my throat into my chest.</p>
<h4>In town</h4>
<p>I have many similar stories, but aside from the crazy bush situations, there have been countless times when the power has gone out in town and we have needed to light up our house with torches on balmy African nights.</p>
<p>I might just have given my right arm to have something so efficient, eco-friendly and trustworthy as the Revolutionary Rechargeable Lithium Battery which only takes two hours to charge with its extremely handy Micro-USB charging case. It then gives you twelve consistent hours of charge: perfect for a high-powered torch on an all-nighter without power!</p>
<p>You might not live in Africa but as a traveller, camper, road-tripper or adventurer of any calibre, you know what I'm saying when I say that one of the first things we make sure to pack are batteries, chargers and power-packs! I am always looking for the best, most dependable sources of power, and I am happy to have found one in the Revolutionary Rechargeable Lithium Battery from Tenavolts Nanfu.</p>


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