PURP | Protecting The Crap Out Of Your Eyes & Mobile Device

LynnMuturi_Githaiga, 2019-01-11

<p>PURP is a NanoTech Premium TGlass that protects both our eyes from damage as a result of the blue-violet light and also from the constant interaction with our mobile phones from damage. Research has shown that the blue light emitted by artificial lighting and electronic devices such as mobile phones leads to a number of health issues such as;</p>
<h4>Sleeping Problems</h4>
<p>Our bodies have an internal 'clock' situated in the brain which regulates our circadian rhythm which tells our bodies when to rise or sleep. At times the circadian rhythm is not 100% and relies on the external environment in order to adjust itself. The blue light wavelength, on the other hand, interferes with our circadian rhythm by tricking our brain into thinking that it is daytime. It does so by inhibiting the production of the hormone melatonin- which is secreted by a part of the brain called pineal gland- whose function is to signal our brains that it is time to sleep. Research has shown that even activating the mobile device's night mode does not block the blue wavelength. This, therefore,&nbsp;means the tempered glass is the only solution to blocking the blue light from reaching our eyes and tampering with our circadian rhythm. PURP is the best-tempered glass since as compared to other tempered glass, it blocks 90% of the blue light emitted by our mobile devices and still allows for 94% maximum colour and user transmittance.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
<h4>Macular Degeneration</h4>
<p>Research has further indicated that overexposure to blue light wavelength could result in getting Macular Degeneration which is a cause of blindness to us. Most of the times Macular Degeneration occurs when an individual is around their 50s or 60s but due to the present lifestyle, changes of high exposure to the blue light wavelength, we are at a higher risk. This is because, Mobile devices screens tend to be small, meaning when using them we tend not to blink enough, squint and also bring them too close to our eyes.</p>
<h4>PURP: Two in One</h4>
<p>As mentioned earlier, in addition to PURP protecting our eyes, it also protects our mobile devices from damage such as scratches and breakage. PURP is unique in that while preventing our mobile devices from damage, PURP does not scratch or shatter. This is because, unlike other tempered glass, PURP absorbs, rather than repel the impact. In addition, whether you are texting, taking pictures or just going about your normal activities on your mobile device, everything will be seamless and you will not remember that the device has PURP.</p>
<h4>PURP: Pricing</h4>
<p>Don't we all like to purchase products when they are on sale so that we can enjoy the various discounts? You can now take advantage of the early bird prices; buy 1 at $21.00, 3(buy 2 get 1 free) at $52.00 and 5 at $83.00 instead of $26, $78 and $130 respectively. Even at these costs, PURP still maintains its quality, unlike other tempered glass which are dull, over tinted, thick and chunky. PURP is currently available for the iPhone 7|7plus, 8|8plus, X, XS, XR and XS Max.</p>


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