PLUTO WIRELESS By Earth – Wireless Portable Power Bank

Bernice Kathryn Fonte, 2019-01-11

<p>Wireless power banks have been around for quite awhile now, and just when you thought power banks can't get any better…here comes <em>PLUTO WIRELESS by earth technologies</em>.</p>
<h4>Not Your Ordinary Powerbank</h4>
<p>From its unique design, true portability and ease of use, <em>PLUTO WIRELESS</em> may be the last power bank you will ever need, or stick to.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Minimalist Aesthetic That Delivers More</h4>
<p>Pluto Wireless is undeniably stylish; from its slim, unibody design to its curved corners and sleek, solid finish.&nbsp; It comes in five different colors, all very eye-candy.&nbsp; Its screwless exterior makes for a seamless, smooth and elegant finish.&nbsp; Good aesthetics aside, its use of premium aluminum alloy enclosure and wool-blend covers lends a scratch-free, non-slip, stable surface for charging your gadget.&nbsp; Pluto Wireless is more compact than other 10000 mAh power banks out there yet packs quite a punch, providing 20 hours of battery life and up to 10W wireless charging.&nbsp; It supports fast charging for qi-enabled phones for a wide range of brands, including Samsung, iPhone, Sony, LG, Nokia, Huawei, Microsoft, Google, Blackberry and more.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Smart, Portable and Versatile&nbsp;&nbsp;</h4>
<p>One thing that is unique with Pluto Wireless is the reverse charging breakthrough technology.&nbsp; This allows Pluto Wireless to charge itself wirelessly by simply placing it upside down on its own wireless charging base or any other charging pad.&nbsp; Pretty neat, right?&nbsp; Or you can connect it to a wall adapter and priority charging will charge the device or phone first before Pluto recharges.&nbsp; Charge up to two devices at the same time, up to 10W wirelessly, and another through its USB-A port.&nbsp; Its in-built over-heat, over-charge, surge protection feature makes it reassuringly safe for everyone's use.&nbsp; Even its packaging, made from biodegradable and recyclable materials, allows us to take care of the environment.</p>
<p>Pluto Wireless can charge through phone cases of up to 3mm thick, allowing you and your family or friends to just drop, charge and go.&nbsp; Every time.&nbsp; Talk about convenience.</p>
<h4>Fast Charging of Devices</h4>
<p>Fast charging allows you to charge devices for an hour or two hours on average, wirelessly or with USP-PD, making it on par with wired charging options or above par with some of the best qi-enabled wireless chargers or power banks in the market.&nbsp; Personally, I prefer the wireless charging especially sans the speed and reliability issues associated with it, i.e. no more waiting eons to juice up your phone or adjusting positions to start charging your device, it will start charging once you put down the device on the Pluto Wireless in any orientation.&nbsp; Pluto Wireless eliminates previous concerns with wireless charging and makes it an even more attractive and better option.&nbsp; It is everything I hoped for in a power bank and charger, and more.&nbsp; This compact, light, durable and well designed piece of craftsmanship may be all you need at home or while traveling.&nbsp; This small, easy to carry, pocketable thing of beauty will surely simplify and streamline your charging requirements for mobile tech/gadget needs.&nbsp; And that's always a plus.</p>


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