Origem HS-3- Smart Earbuds With Stunning HDR Audio

Alyx Murray Jackman, 2019-02-05

<p>Introducing the Origem HS-3 Smart Earbuds With Stunning HDR Audio. The features of these earbuds make them the ideal audio companion for just about any activity you&rsquo;d like to do. They are hands-free, have a long battery life and lightning-fast charging, but that&rsquo;s just the beginning. Imagine if there were earbuds that existed that could do all of this whilst also giving you a crystal clear audio experience, like the perfect combination of a subwoofer, mid-range and high-frequency speaker. There&rsquo;s no need to dream any longer, as the Origem HS-3 earbuds do just that.</p>
<h4>The world&rsquo;s first HDR audio earbuds</h4>
<p>When you&rsquo;re out and about, do you find that you have to keep adjusting the volume of your earbuds or headphones depending on where you are or what you&rsquo;re doing? Chances are that changing the volume then impacts which frequencies you can hear, and you might lose the high notes or the bass in whatever you&rsquo;re listening to. This will be a thing of the past with the Origem HS-3 because they feature HDR (high dynamic range) audio, meaning the earbuds can detect the sound pressure of the environment you&rsquo;re in and adjust the settings dynamically to make sure you are always listening to the best quality audio at the perfect level. The HDR algorithm used in these earbuds optimizes sound across all frequency levels to enhance your listening experience at any volume. These are the world&rsquo;s first earbuds to pair this HDR audio technology with real hands-free control, so they are ahead of the curve and allow users to experience superior sound.</p>
<h4>Perfect for any activity</h4>
<p>If you&rsquo;re a runner or like to listen to music while you&rsquo;re exercising, then you can say goodbye to sweaty headphones and earbuds that are constantly falling out. These new Origem HS-3 Smart Earbuds are waterproof, sweat resistant and have ear hooks to make sure that, no matter what your ear shape, they will stay in place throughout your workout. The ear hooks are rotatable and adjustable so you can fit them perfectly to your own ear shape. This feature gives the earbuds an ultra-snug fit, which makes them comfortable and secure. They also have a skin-friendly PVC coating, which means you can wear them all day without any irritation.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Real hands-free control</h4>
<p>Most earbuds and headphones on the market at the moment have inconvenient control because when you&rsquo;re gaming, working out or are on the run, you don&rsquo;t always have your hands available to tap the buttons required. The Origem HS-3 has a built-in voice recognition system that allows you to link up with Siri or Google Assistant with just your voice. They really are hands-free and allow voice control over your music, calling, scheduling and internet searching.</p>
<p>With features from adjustable ear hooks to real hands-free control, combined with HDR audio technology, these earbuds are the perfect answer for people with a busy and active lifestyle who want to enjoy the ultimate audio experience on the run.</p>
<p>Get excited.&nbsp;</p>


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