Nano Pods, The Most Affordable TWS Earbuds

Rosanna Laarni O. Arengo, 2019-03-13

<p>Almost everywhere I go, I see people with earphones on. It's amazing how technology has become our partner in meeting the daily demands of life. According to, Exercise usually takes up 30 minutes to 1 hour for the majority of the population in the US. One form of exercise is jogging and part of the jogging experience is listening to music. When commuting to school or work, a lot of us puts on those earbuds to either watch a video or listen to music and audiobooks. Sometimes a client's call comes in and instead of answering directly from the phone, we talk to clients with earphones. It's undeniable that earphones have impacted our lives for the better.<strong></strong></p>
<h4>Wired Earbuds versus Wireless Earbuds</h4>
<p>With the advancement of technology came the era of wired earphones to make us productive while on the go. Before, walking to the supermarket seemed like a chore. Now, productivity becomes possible while walking because we are listening to an audiobook. With the myriad of products available on the market, it could be confusing what to buy. Should we buy wired earbuds or wireless earbuds? What if it's too expensive? Imagine, for a moment, a wireless Bluetooth-functioned earphone bringing the sound experience to a whole other level without hurting your pocket. That is now possible with this new product in the market.</p>
<p>Introducing Nano Pods, true wireless earbuds designed to be a game changer in earpieces. Why, then, should we choose the wireless Nano Pods over same-priced wired ones.</p>
<p>1. Convenience. Instead of getting caught up with the wires which might take up time if tangled, convenience is guaranteed by the Nano Pods since upon opening the small compact packaging, these wireless earphones automatically connect to your phone via Bluetooth.</p>
<p>2. Reliability. The playtime lasts for 5 hours and when used with the charging case, it can deliver up to 25 hours playtime perfect for travelers. You'll have the whole uninterrupted rich sound of high-quality music.</p>
<p>3. Flexibility. Restrictions to actions are frequently experienced when using wired earbuds. Not only that, you'll have to make sure your phone is within a short distance to connect the wired earphones. Whereas, wireless earbuds allow a more flexible range of activities like strenuous exercises and can connect at a 10-meter distance from its source.</p>
<p>4. Increased Multi-tasking skills. Multi-tasking is 100% achieved when you receive a call as you can just tap the earbuds once when you'd like to receive a call even in the middle of an exercise. If you're busy and cannot take calls as of the moment, you can press for two seconds to reject phone calls when it rings.</p>
<h4>High-quality earphones</h4>
<p>In terms of quality, the Nano Pods deliver unparalleled sound quality as it is equipped with graphene, a carbon made material that produces rich digital sound than non-graphene earbuds. The Nano Pods are also designed to be a comfortable fit to the ears for long periods of time with different sizes ranging from small, medium and large ear tips.</p>
<p>At 19$ promotional price, the Nano Pods are truly affordable versus expensive $159 wireless earbuds. With added benefits of noise-isolation and Bluetooth 5.0, connection to the phone becomes seamless and faster.</p>
<p>In today's digital advancement where quality and affordability are much preferred by buyers, having wireless earbuds like Nano Pods are must-haves. It is like paying for wired earphones with how affordable they are plus the features of convenience that only the Nano Pods can offer. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle and every second count, the Nano Pods give you that added boost of productivity. What are you waiting for? Order one now!</p>


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