MUWI: Cinematic Videos Anywhere And At Anytime!

Valli Vishwanath, 2019-01-10

<p>I can predict the future! Yes, I can. With all those top 10's of 2018 lingering in our head, One product which is going to be topping the list of <em>top ten technical Marvels</em> in 2019 is <strong>MUWI.</strong> Their motto being – "<em><strong>Professional video for EVERYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE</strong></em>"</p>
<p>Who doesn't Love making professional videos in No time? With the increasing number of people starting their own Youtube channels, and everyone wants to attract as many subscribers as possible. As a commoner, if the video in your channel needs a maximum reach, the quality of making should also be as good as the quality of the content. That's where MUWI comes into the picture.</p>
<p>A good video is the one that communicates the Fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer awestruck as though they had lived the moment again. Such a kind of video is possible with MUWI and the good part is that the Pro, an Amature or even a Kid can use this device to make super cool videos.</p>
<h4>Why MUWI?</h4>
<p>Without MUWI it is very difficult to shoot videos which look professional.</p>
<p>In the first place, a tripod is required to hold and record video without shaking. And the worst part is only the tripod head moves, which enables us to do only limited actions like rotating the head and tilting the tripod's head to make videos. Anyhow, the Tripod stays stagnant.</p>
<p>Second, being an amateur, adjusting the frame rate, shutter angle, shutter speed, freeze frame effect, slow motion, time-lapse all these becomes a headache.</p>
<p>MUWI comes as a complete package and relieves our headache. And a happy note is that it relieves it at a reasonable rate :)&nbsp;</p>
<h4>What is MUWI?</h4>
<p>MUWI is a pocket-sized device which has the provision to attach our smartphones and cameras to it. This device moves linear as well as in round fashion to achieve the effective cinematic video we desire.</p>
<p>This device is small and highly reliable, Though it is small, it has been effectively tested to carry weight much greater than the device itself.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Be it your Fashion, Fitness, Travel or Food related videos, they need to be innovative and should cover the length and breadth of it.&nbsp;</p>
<li>It will give a 360-degree view of the ultimate fashion and reveals the hard work you put behind its making.</li>
<li>It can capture the droplets of sweat, moving in a slow motion to make the fitness videos look more effective.</li>
<li>Because of its size, It's easy to carry anywhere you travel and make fabulous travel videos. The battery stays long and easily rechargeable using the USB.</li>
<li>Using the track, it can move top to bottom or Bottom-up, capturing the wonderful food making moments and makes the food look appealing.</li>
<p><em><strong>The complete package</strong> </em>comes with MUWI, the smart device, a swivel clip for attachments, Remote control and a track( Which can either be mounted on a tripod or can just be used indoors for linear motion. This track can be tilted as well)</p>
<p><em><strong>Get ready, order it and Enjoy making videos right away !!!!&nbsp;</strong></em></p>
<p>Who knows you might be the luckiest first ones to hold this technical Marvel :)</p>


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