MOON PHASE Automatic Mechanical Watch – By BEHRENS ORIGINAL

Chelsey Agcopra, 2019-01-11

<p>A wristwatch is an essential part of our everyday wardrobe. It is the most convenient way to tell time. In just a quick glance, you can already know what time is it. Instead of bringing out your phone every time you need to keep tabs on time, it is much easier to look towards your wrist. A wristwatch can also be a fashion statement. Wearing it adds elegance and class to your style. That is why it is important to find the one that suits your needs and interests. However, it should also be of excellent quality. While some wristwatches offer more functionality by displaying the date, there are also some watches in the market that show the lunar phase.</p>
<p>A moon phase wristwatch represents how the moon currently appears in the sky. Such watches emulate the movement of the moon as it orbits the Earth. The entire lunar phase cycle takes about twenty-nine days which is equivalent to the average length of a whole month. The significance of it goes way back to the early times when the moon has been known to play a vital role in humankind's existence and day-to-day activities. Back then, it was important to keep track of the moon's rotation in order to interpret tides, to navigate across the seas, and to monitor the timing of crop harvests.</p>
<p>Today, more than its aesthetic function, the moon phase wristwatch resonates the importance of the moon back in the days. Humankind's daily existence may no longer be closely-associated to the moon's rotation around the Earth, but it is a great reminder that we are all merely tiny dots in the universe who once depended on the moon's orbit for timekeeping. If you are the kind of person who is deeply fascinated by the orbit of the moon and other wonders of the universe, here are some reasons why you should consider getting the Moon Phase Automatic Mechanical Watch by Behrens Original:</p>
<h4>It contributes to your style.</h4>
<p>Your wristwatch says a lot about your personal style. The Moon Phase Watch by Behrens Original embodies charm and creativity. Its excellent features include the luminous moon phase and stars; the multi-polishing case that is crafted with remarkable artistry; and the dome-shaped sapphire crystal that gives off an elegant look.</p>
<h4>It is convenient and functional.</h4>
<p>The Moon Phase watch by Behrens Original recreates the different phases of the moon by rotating a complete cycle every month. Aside from the usual and basic function of wristwatches which include the display of accurate date and time, Behrens Original's Moon Phase watch enables you to monitor the lunar phase easily.</p>
<h4>It is worth your hard-earned money.</h4>
<p>Wristwatches are known to symbolize luxury. It is something that you wear every day<span style="font-size: 18px;">&mdash;</span>and what you wear may have an impact on the people that you meet. Investing in a stylish and durable watch is worth it, most especially if you consider the important factors and carefully choose the one that suits you best.</p>
<p>Watching the moon helps you keep track of its rhythm and cycles. It is nice to have easy access to the lunar phase whenever one wants to have a connection with the moon. The moon phase is definitely an artistic and luxurious addition to your typical wristwatch. If you are searching for one that is brimming with style and functionality, the Moon Phase watch by Behrens Original may just be the right one for you.</p>


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