MEZONE: Best-Sounding Snug-Fit True Wireless Stereo+ Earbuds

Liz Paelmo, 2019-03-24

<p>I don't fall in love easily. I tend to examine every aspect of a person or thing before I allow myself to get attracted to it completely. In my mind, it's better to learn more about someone or something before spending a lot of my time thinking about them. But it all changed when I discovered Mezone's earbuds.&nbsp;</p>
<p>This in-ear monitor is as excellent as it could be. It was love at first sight! Never have I seen a better one at its price range. It lives up to its description as the best-sounding snug-fit true wireless stereo + earbuds. And I'll tell you why.</p>
<h4>Simple yet perfect design</h4>
<p>My usual problem with earphones is the comfort it brings to my ears. I have small ears, and most earphones out there have small earbud tips but uncomfortable shells. The remarkable thing about Mezone's earbuds is that it has an ergonomic design that can cater to any ear size. It can stay in place even when you sleep, run, or surf! Yes, you read that right. You can use this in activities that involve water because its waterproof rating is IPX7. That's even more advanced than some 300-dollar earphones! You can tilt them in any angle, and they'll stay that way. They come in white, black, and red, great for travelers, fitness enthusiasts, office workers, and minimalists.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Incomparable features</h4>
<p>These earbuds are easy to connect through Bluetooth, thanks to its Bluetooth V5.0. Having this Bluetooth version also means the range is better, the playtime is more extended, the sound quality is more exceptional, and the connection is stronger. Because it comes with a microphone, you can answer and end calls too! One single tap and you can do that plus play/pause music, move forward to the next song, and call up Siri or Google. How cool is that?&nbsp;</p>
<p>This pair of earbuds can also isolate external sound so that you won't get distracted by the noise around you. The high-resolution audio will make every listening experience something to look forward to! Crystal-clear acoustics? No problem! These babies got you.</p>
<p>Aside from all those incredible features, Mezone's earbuds also have a unique 3D cavity, which isolates environmental noise; made with Digital Sound Processing (DSP), meaning a perfect balance of bass and treble; and offers Graphene Enhanced Sound, which provides excellent audio quality.</p>
<h4>Why It's Perfect for You</h4>
<p>True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not all of us would be attracted to one person or thing. But consider Mezone's earbuds as an exception. This is precisely what you need no matter what you do in life. As long as you need earphones that work the way they should be, then this earphones can cater to all your needs, even wants. Too lazy to keep charging wireless earbuds? No worries! Mezone's product provides 8 hours of playtime with a single charge! Hate wired charging? Its case can provide 72 hours of juice more! Plus, the scratch-resistant case can be charged using a wireless pad. No more tangled wires! Mezone's earbuds will make your music listening hassle-free and just the way you want it.&nbsp;</p>


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