Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Cable

Fiona Mai, 2019-02-25

<p>How often do you leave your phone overcharged for a long time before unplugging? If your answer is &ldquo;always&rdquo; or &ldquo;most of the time&rdquo;, read on before you destroy your phone for good.</p>
<h4>Overcharging damages your battery over time</h4>
<p>Most people are too lazy to unplug their phone after it finishes charging, not knowing how detrimental this habit can be in the long term.</p>
<p>According to an article on the Time Magazine in 2017, overcharging your phone does more harm than good to your battery. Once the phone&rsquo;s battery has reached 100%, it must maintain that full battery status while also providing energy for the ongoing operations of the phone. This situation of switching back and forth between reaching 100% and returning to the level below that a little bit causes the phone to overwork. As a result, the life span of the phone&rsquo;s battery will be significantly shortened.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In reality, few people are attentive enough to supervise their charging phone and unplug it at the right time. Taking this pain point seriously, the Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable provides a great solution. With this special cable, you can now forget the hassle of unplugging your phone when it is fully charged. Utilising smart IC and LED light control, this auto-disconnect cable automatically powers off when your phone&rsquo;s battery reaches 100%.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Stable and compatible with iOS 11 system, the 4-feet-long Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable is just the right length for charging on the sofa, on your work desk or in your car. Moreover, it is tough enough to pass 10000 bending and swinging tests, proving its amazing ability to resist to bending. With Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable, you know your phone is in good hands.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Reducing charging time is now easier than ever</h4>
<p>When was the last time you rushed to charge your phone in the last minute before leaving for an important event? Did it feel like it would take twice the normal time to reach an acceptable level of battery? If you have been through such a hustling situation before, you certainly know how annoying it is to wait for your iPhone to finish charging.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Charging fast is everyone&rsquo;s need in this modern world. If the issue above has bugged you for a long time, Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable is the solution you have been looking for.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable is smartly designed with ballistic nylon from the outer, then the TPE jacket, aluminum foil, ground wire, and finally tinned copper core in the center. Adopting upgraded no. 23 tinned copper core, this cable&rsquo;s output rate increases from 72% to 95%, thus making your phone charge faster. Due to its durable cord, the charging also runs more smoothly with no disruption.</p>
<p>Last but not least, buying a Mcdodo Lighting Auto Disconnect Data Cable is now easier than ever. Simply click on the link below, add this brilliant product to your basket and have it delivered to you fast and efficiently, just like the way it works.</p>


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