ManualPen: Single Piece Of Metal Turned Into Everlasting Pen

Sian John, 2019-01-10

<p>You&rsquo;re a writer. You&rsquo;re a traveler. You&rsquo;re a hard worker.</p>
<p>And I&rsquo;m guessing that, like the rest of us who fit that description, you don&rsquo;t leave the house without a notebook and a pen. But do you have the right ones? It&rsquo;s not unusual to see us creative types poring over notebooks in the stationery store, choosing one that&rsquo;s the perfect size, feel, and design. But how long do we spend choosing the perfect writing tool? How much thought do we put into the object that does the most important of jobs &ndash; bringing ideas to that so-carefully-selected paper? When you think about how important those words, designs, and drawings are, probably not enough.</p>
<h4>The pitfalls of the pens we use now</h4>
<p>It&rsquo;s easy to grab a pen from your kitchen drawer and sling it into your briefcase, or to pack a pencil and eraser in your backpack. It&rsquo;s also easy for that pen to not work if you find yourself trying to write in any position other than upright, or to run out of ink at the worst moment possible. And those who rely on pencil will know how easily the leads can shatter and never allow themselves to be properly used again, and how difficult they can be to use in wet, outdoor conditions.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Writing in all conditions, without compromise</h4>
<p>ManualPen has been designed to be your perfect companion when it comes to putting pen to paper. Manufactured from a single piece of metal, it is unbreakable. It can withstand whichever jolts and bumps you throw at it when in transit. A carefully considered anti-roll design means it will not escape from your airplane table, to be found halfway along the cabin at another traveler&rsquo;s feet.&nbsp; And a beautiful leather case with a clip will ensure it is never lost in your bag when you need it.</p>
<p>What&rsquo;s more, ManualPen is designed to write in all conditions. Aware that we are not all writing in a perfect dry environment, sat at a desk, the designers have ensured that the pen is ready to work however, wherever, and in whichever weather you find yourself. Do you need to jot down notes as you survey the beauty of a new place during an unforeseen rainstorm? The water, and even wet paper, will not pose a problem. Are you working in sub-zero conditions? The ink will continue to flow, even at the coldest temperatures. Made to write at all angles, even upside down, ManualPen will keep you writing on the go, without the need to stop and find a place to sit, or a surface on which to lean.</p>
<p>Truly capable of working in every way you need it, ManualPen is the only way to guarantee your work and creativity do not stop, even when you find yourself in the most exciting or challenging of conditions. And should you find yourself on an unexpected space exploration mission, it will even work there…</p>


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