GAZE TRAY: Hold & Charge All Your Devices Together

AIRISH ABELLA, 2019-02-26

<p>Living in a fast-paced society means having good time management while multitasking. It applies to everyone whether you are a student, a working mom, a housewife, an employee or even a boss of a company, whatever you do we all have tasks to do. Additionally, we cannot deny the fact of how important technology is in our daily lives. We all rely on electronics and the internet regardless of our purpose, may it is for work or personal use. That is why charging our gadgets on a single pod makes us more efficient with our daily tasks, and that is what a Gaze Tray can do for you.</p>
<h4>What is a Gaze Tray?</h4>
<p>Gaze Tray is a chic storage tray which allows you to charge up to 5 separate devices all at once wirelessly. Apart from the phone charging platform, it has three led indicators, two USB ports for your wired devices, a magnetic Apple watch charger, an AirPod charger, and an AirPod charging case. As for the led indicators, the blue light means standby, while the green light means charging, and the red light as misplaced.</p>
<h4>Where to use the Gaze Tray?</h4>
<p>You can use the Gaze Tray at home, perhaps on your bedside table. This 264cm tray provides you with more space to hold your accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses, car key, wallet, or even your earphones. You can place it wherever you want to even in your vanity area where you can charge your devices while doing your makeup or styling your hair as you prepare for the day.</p>
<p>Also, organizing your workspace is very important. You can use the Gaze Tray in your office to keep your gadgets organized and not run low on battery. Apart from that, Gaze Trays are stylish and modern with an elegant finish. It comes in Classic type made of Artificial Leather that is available in colors black, midnight blue, gray, and brown. For the Standard type made of Matte Rubber-Coated is available in pure white, pale pink, forest green, and midnight blue. Lastly, if you are feeling extra, it is also available in Gold made of Chrome-Coated which looks very fancy. You can choose from these types and colors depending on your preference and needs. Having a well-organized workspace allows you to think clearly and be more productive with your tasks.</p>
<p>Gaze Tray is not only for those who are working in traditional workspaces but also for digital nomads who work in coffee shops, restaurants or other working spaces. You can use it to hold up items you need for work such as your note pad and pen without losing it from your sight.</p>
<p>When it comes to sharing rooms in your travel accommodation, sometimes, having too many devices causes you to run out of free outlets to use. The Gaze Tray is perfect for traveling as it is very light and can surely fit your bag. It only weighs 450 grams which makes it easier for you to pack and carry with you around. Not only you can use it to charge in your hotel rooms, but also, in restaurants while eating in case you run out of battery.</p>
<p>Stay well-organized and never run out of battery with Gaze Tray. Not only it is very convenient to use but also serves as decor on your desk or table. It is made and designed for Apple products, so be sure to get one now!</p>



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