Cannon: True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Lauren Himes, 2019-03-07

<p>Cannon's True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth speaker offers an incredible sound for a small size. This brand-new ultra-mini speaker is convenient to use for any occasion – whether it be camping, partying or just hanging out.</p>
<h4>Small Size with a Powerful Sound</h4>
<p>Weighing only 7 ounces, this speaker easily fits into your hand or pocket.&nbsp; Despite its small size, this speaker offers a powerful sound with 2 channels at 5 watts.&nbsp; Its enhanced audio performance fills the room with an open and airy sound.&nbsp; Its full-range sound makes for no distortion even when its volume is cranked all the way up – and allows for clear highs, a detailed mid-range, and an excellent bass sound.&nbsp; Easy to take along on any adventure, the sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker is unparalleled for its lightweight size.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
<h4>Minimalist and Durable Design</h4>
<p>Cannon's speaker offers a sleek design with a full metal body which produces a louder and clearer sound.&nbsp; With its premium steel enclosure, it produces a genuine sound delivering a 360-degree range.&nbsp; This minimalistic design with a metallic finish is not only eye-catching but also allows for improved durability. LED lights flash around the outer rim in different colors depending on if the speaker is charging, paired or playing music.</p>
<h4>Works with Any Bluetooth-Enabled Devices</h4>
<p>The True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth speaker is compatible with almost any Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and iPads, and laptops.&nbsp; Users can also use a single Bluetooth device to pair to 2 Cannon speakers at one time – speakers will automatically match to the left and right channel in order to create a clear stereo sound.&nbsp; &nbsp;This device also ensures a stable and consistent connection up to 33 feet away.</p>
<h4>Excellent Battery Life</h4>
<p>Another incredible feature of Cannon's speaker is its battery life.&nbsp; Using a 500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it works for 6 hours of continuous music playtime on just one charge.&nbsp; That means users can play up to 120 songs before needing to recharge – and can recharge their device relatively quickly when needed.&nbsp; With such an excellent battery life for such a small device, you can be sure to keep the music going all night!</p>
<h4>Hands-Free Calling</h4>
<p>Providing noise reduction, its built-in mic supports hands-free phone calls and high-quality music streaming. Simply using the button on the side to either pick up or hang up incoming calls, users can conveniently take their hands-free calls no matter where they are.&nbsp; With a stable connection, it is easier than ever to take calls from pretty much anywhere without a delay.</p>
<p>All in all, these portable Ultra-Mini Bluetooth speakers offer a high-quality sound for a petite size.&nbsp; Allowing users to easily take their music with them anywhere they go – whether it be at home, on a hiking trip, at the beach, or at a party – they are able to easily enjoy this excellent quality device without having to support the extra weight.&nbsp; Offering exceptional features for its size, the True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is one of a kind!</p>


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