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AIRISH ABELLA, 2019-01-18

<p>Living in a tropical country, one of the hardest things to deal with is the scorching heat and the humid weather. During summer, even if you still have not set foot on your front door, you realize you have already begun to sweat. Thus, all sorts of hand fans are quite popular among Asian countries. It creates an airflow which helps with the heat.</p>
<h4>Beat the heat with Blo Cooling Device</h4>
<p>Blo Cooling Device is a portable hand fan which also creates an airflow in a cooling way. It is a fan and an air-conditioner in one handy device which sets it apart from the other hand fans. A small motor, blade and the peppermint oil collectively cool off a specific part of your body. In this manner, within two minutes, your entire body starts to adapt the cold which cools you off.</p>
<h4>Where to use the Blo Cooling Device?</h4>
<p>Commuting is also very inconvenient during a very humid day. Imagine walking in heat towards the bus stop only to find a very long queue. Not to mention how bad the traffic can be and that rush hour does not guarantee you a seat even after almost half an hour of waiting. With your Blo Cooling Device, it can help you feel at ease and give you a sense of comfort while in transit. It also does not make any noise which is not embarrassing and disturbing for the other passengers. You can choose from different colors such as black, blue, pink and purple.</p>
<p>Traveling and doing city tours with humid weather can give you a total discomfort. City tours are meant visiting different attractions of which some includes outdoor such as temples and parks. Apart from proper hydration, wearing sunblock and a hat, you can also bring the Blo Cooling Device to provide your body a cooling sensation you need in the blazing heat. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 48 hours.</p>
<p>You can bring the Blo Cooling Device anywhere, and it is wearable too. You can secure it on your clothes, maybe on the back of your pants or even on the neckline of your shirt. It can help you cool down after doing activities such as running, working out, hiking and even biking. Enjoy the cooling comfort without having to hold it. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of an essential oil diffuser while on the go since the air passes through peppermint oil which boosts its cooling effect.</p>
<p>You can use it even in the comforts of our home such as in the kitchen while you're cooking. At times, the heat in the kitchen can make you feel uneasy which makes you want to finish right away. With the use of Blo Cooling Device, you can comfortably cook your mostly favored recipe. Indeed there is no limit to where you can bring and how you can use the Blo Cooling Device. You can purchase it now for its introductory price of $39.99. What an affordable way to treat yourself! Get yours now!</p>



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