BHearing – Sound Enhancing Headphones With App

Rosalyne Field, 2019-01-28

<p>I am extremely excited about the BHearing – Sound Enhancing Headphones with App. Let me tell you why. My husband has always struggled a little with hearing in his right ear. Not enough to warrant getting hearing aids but enough that it becomes irritating for him when trying to concentrate and hear properly in an environment where there is a lot of background noise.</p>
<h4>Background Noise Reduction</h4>
<p>As a travelling family who often drive long distances and frequently enjoy a good road trip, it can become frustrating especially with four boisterous children sitting in the back of the car. The noise levels tend to increase the further we travel making it harder for my husband to hear our conversation in the front or to concentrate on the road, let alone hear the GPS giving directions. The BHearing sound enhancing headphones will be so helpful in these situations as well as countless others.</p>
<h4>Personalise Settings to Suit Your Hearing</h4>
<p>The BHearing sound enhancing headphones are Bluetooth wireless headphones that allow you to not only listen to music and answer calls from your phone but are sound enhancing and background noise cancelling too. They connect to an App on your phone that allows you to test your hearing and personalise your settings, adjusting different frequencies until you are able to hear better and not be distracted by background noises.</p>
<h4>Answer Calls and Listen to Music</h4>
<p>As frequent travellers, not only in the car but on planes, buses, trains and the like, these headphones are ideal not only for helping to hear conversations in busy places where there is a lot of noise around, but also for listening to music whilst sitting on the plane on the way to that next adventure because, let's face it, sometimes you just need to cancel out the noise altogether and get lost in some good travel music.</p>
<h4>Look Stylish While Never Missing an Important Announcement</h4>
<p>The BHearing sound enhancing headphones look stylish – they look like classy Bluetooth headphones – meaning you won't look like you're wearing hearing aids whilst still helping you to hear well in those busy places that might make it difficult to hear. Airports and train stations can be bustling places, humming with noise and congestion. My husband often struggles to hear when we are trying to check in for a flight or when announcements come over the speakers announcing when our flight is ready for boarding. Announcements can often be made in a higher sound frequency making them even harder to understand. Imagine if you could adjust the frequency levels through the headphones so that you won't have trouble hearing again.</p>
<h4>Relax and enjoy life</h4>
<p>I am excited at the prospect of not having to repeat things two or three times to my husband next time we go on a road trip. With the BHearing sound enhancing headphones we won't have to worry about not being able to hear or missing the directions from the GPS and getting lost. We can relax and enjoy the scenery flying past the car windows while the children have fun in the back.</p>


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