Atolla: Personal Skincare, Powered By Machine Learning

Gemma Crane, 2019-01-05

<p>We've all been there. Getting ready on Monday morning is difficult enough without the sinking feeling of unsatisfactory&nbsp;skin. Since the skin is unique to every individual as it is, it's difficult for us to find the right skincare products for the best results. We might think we've tried everything to improve the condition of our skin but, luckily, there is a new solution out there that seeks to serve everybody.<br /><br />Atolla understands the frustration of never being able to get it right when it comes to healthy skin, so they sought to develop an answer the best way they knew how: with science.</p>
<h4>Skin science made simple</h4>
<p>As the body's largest organ, it's no surprise that our skin is extra sensitive to countless factors depending on our environment and lifestyle choices. The Atolla team took to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a ground-breaking skincare system that keeps track of your skin deficiencies month-to-month and sends you a fully customised serum based on the progress you measure.</p>
<p>There's no need to worry about sending back a detailed written report every time you experience another skin disaster. All you have to do is complete a short survey and conduct three easy tests using the Skin Analysis Kit.</p>
<p>If cold weather has left you with reddened patches of irritation, it's likely your skin is feeling dehydrated. Alternatively, too much oil in your skin can cause nasty breakouts. The difficult part is trying to regulate them both so, by testing your moisture and oil levels, you can help Atolla to craft your perfect skin serum and keep that happy balance!<br /><br />The final test, for pH levels, measures the impact the environment, allergens and bacteria can have on preventing your skin from being healthy, bright and beautiful.</p>
<h4>Come and join the community</h4>
<p>Maybe you find your skin changes from one month to the next, especially if you spend a lot of time travelling, or if you live in a city were pollution levels tend to be high. Updating your progress using the Atolla Skin Health app will determine your next formula, so you are always replenishing the good stuff your skin needs to shine.</p>
<p>It's not just about following your own skin story though. The Atolla Skin Health app provides the opportunity to swap skin secrets with other users, so you'll never feel alone in your search for better skin. You can also find expert advice for combatting skin problems related to changes in your diet and lifestyle.</p>
<h4>Atolla for everyone</h4>
<p>For many of us, it can be hard to find the perfect formula based on what we can and can't use on our skin. Atolla formulas contain ingredients recommended by top dermatologists, but only use the right amount for your skin's condition. So, if an ingredient doesn't agree with your skin in large quantities, your formula will only include the safest amount for the best results.&nbsp;<br /><br />Skin problems are a big cause of low self-esteem so, for a smoother, happier and healthier ride into Monday morning, try Atolla and simplify the way you maintain the look and feel of your skin.</p>


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