Apollo Traveller- Fastest Recharging & Ultra-Slim Power Bank

Karen Rose Kingsbury, 2019-03-18

<p>Do you worry about your mobile device battery life when you travel? Do you need access to a range of portable devices on the go? Are you fed up of lugging around weighty and bulky battery packs when you are on the move? No matter how disconnected from the world we like to be when we travel, even the most savvy travellers rely heavily on the use of portable mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other electronic equipment. Running out of charge is less than ideal in almost every situation, so save the stress and worry by investing in Apollo Traveller, the fastest recharging and ultra-slim power bank.</p>
<p>There are so many sticky traveller situations that can be saved or even avoided completely with the simplicity of carrying a portable battery pack. From forgetting to fully charge your devices before you leave your hotel in the morning to needing enough charge to scan your electronic boarding pass at the airline gates, or even simply finding a power source on an overnight camping trip, never be caught out again with the eco-friendly Apollo Traveller.</p>
<h4>Better Than Communal Charging Points</h4>
<p>Waiting for communal charging points to become available when we travel isn't always fun. Buying a coffee you didn't really need because you want to sit in the coffee shop to charge your laptop or choosing the most crowded seating area of the airport so you can plug in your mobile phone, can easily be avoided if you carry an Apollo Traveller power bank. Instead, enjoy 13x faster recharge when compared to other available power banks … and sit wherever suits you best.</p>
<h4>Needing Battery Power Immediately</h4>
<p>Travel emergencies can vary in intensity. Have you ever run out of battery juice when using the map on your phone to locate your small hotel, just before they close their check-in for the night? Or have you been waiting&nbsp;for a call back on an important issue when your battery just won&rsquo;t quite hold out for you to get the information you so desperately require? Situations like these can cause intense stress and even put some people off travelling completely. With its slim design and easy portability, the Apollo Traveller is your new best friend when you travel, saving you from on-the-road situations you would definitely prefer to avoid.</p>
<h4>Keeping You Moving</h4>
<p>The need for portable power is especially important to those of us who work on the go and make a living from being able to travel. Whether you travel nationally or internationally, having your mobile devices ready for action at all times is paramount to the success of your business. The Apollo Traveller ensures the lowest power conversion loss with a great charging efficiency of 96% – perfect for the days when you need your technology to be as efficient as you.</p>
<p>Whatever you need battery charge for and wherever you happen to need it most, the Apollo Traveller Fastest Recharging and Ultra-slim Power Bank is there for you. With its long lifecycle, higher safety design and eco-friendly setup, you certainly won't find a better power bank for your on-the-go demands.</p>


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