Aerowood: The Marvelous Modular Wooden Drone

Kiki Hughes, 2019-02-17

<p>Are you a lover of intelligent tech and looking for a new and unique "toy"? Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to design and build things, and then watch their creation work afterwards? The Aerowood Marvelous Modular Wooden drone is the perfect gift for someone who has a tinkering mind and who loves to design, build and figure out how things work.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>A toy for the tinkering mind</h4>
<p>There is something magical about seeing the world from a bird's-eye view, and the advent of the drone culture is giving everyone access to this incredible possibility. But the drone world has become a fast-paced and competitive one, with a new drone brand or model appearing every week. So, when it comes down to choosing which drone to get that will suit your needs and desires, it can be quite a tough job with so much to choose from. I had this experience when I was buying a drone for my dad's 62nd birthday last year, and I wish I had known about the Aerowood!</p>
<p>He's a mechanical engineer with some airplane flying experience who loves clever electronic things, especially if they're hand-crafted, and appreciates the subtle nuances of a well-engineered toy; I'm sure he's not the only one! And when I say toy, I mean it the way my dad uses it: a clever contraption that an adult mind can enjoy experimenting with. So when it came down to choosing a drone to suit him, the Aerowood would have been perfect and would be perfect for any like-minded tinkerer.</p>
<h4>Something different</h4>
<p>The Aerwood is the first DIY drone and is the perfect little project for a curious mind. You can build it yourself using the easy-to-follow instructions, and its made almost entirely out of wood! This means that not only is it fun to assemble, but also lightweight and much more eco-friendly than other drones. In a time when being conscious of our footprint on the earth is at its most urgent, the careful thought that the Aerowood represents makes it an ideal gift not only for the mechanically-minded or curious-minded, but also the environmentally-conscious. Now, we eco-warriors can have a "toy" that suits our needs as well; no compromises necessary.</p>
<h4>Not just a pretty sight</h4>
<p>Its rustic character definitely does not mean to say that it's basic… The Aerowood sports a 720P HD camera for high-quality photos and videos and real-time transmission, meaning you can have a real-time view of your flight. While traditional low-cost drones are a little more challenging to fly without great flight-management technologies, the Aerowood's high-tech highlights include auto KPA- altitude adjustment, stable hovering technologies, and even one-key return. Less frustration, more fun!&nbsp;</p>
<p>Ever thought you would build your own aircraft from scratch? I certainly didn't think that it would be within my reach. But Aerowood is making the dream a possibility, and, on top of that, it can be customized to your personal preferences, allowing you to build and fly your very own, customized drone.</p>
<p>Sound like a dream come true?</p>


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