A Poster That Knows The Weather, First Updating Paper Poster

Valerie Durias, 2019-03-28

<p><em>How's the weather?</em></p>
<p>The question we jokingly ask on awkward situations, or sometimes seriously–depending on the weather. It's useful information. You'd want the weather to be fine when running errands. The rainy weather is just perfect for staying in bed and watching movies. As much as we sometimes overlook the weather forecast, it affects us more than we'd like to pay attention to it.</p>
<p>The Typified Weather Poster gives you weather updates at a glance. It won't even bother you or require so much of your attention. It will be there, on the wall. Existing and giving you the day's weather updates.</p>
<h4>Hang it on your wall.</h4>
<p>Like your favorite picture of a summer trip or your mom's cross-stitch project, it won't yell for attention. It will quietly give you the weather forecast for the day, so you can check it before leaving the house or while sitting at the dining table. It will be like decor for your home. Besides, it's cute!</p>
<p>You can hang it next to your door. This way, you can check the weather before heading out for work. You can hang it next to your closet, so you can check the weather while getting ready to head out for the day. You can hang it at the feet of your bed, so it will be the first thing you see in the morning. It doesn't matter where you put it. It'll be convenient either way.</p>
<h4>Screens can be taxing.</h4>
<p>What simpler way is there to know the weather than checking your smartphone? Unlock it, and it already shows the day's temperature. Sometimes, it's even displayed right at your lock screen. It's easy. It only takes three seconds.</p>
<p>But the things that come after it takes so much toll on your free time. So you unlock your phone. Check the weather. The next thing you know you're scrolling through Facebook, checking for updates on your friends' lives. Then, you go to Twitter, scrolling through people's rambles. And then on Instagram, looking at travel photos or people's outfits. It's a never-ending cycle. You've already lost an hour to social media.</p>
<p>With the Typified Weather Poster, you won't have these screens and apps and social media!</p>
<h4>Let's face it: smart ink is&nbsp;<em>incredibly</em> cool!</h4>
<p>You've heard of mood rings, right? It's still a mystery how they change depending on people's moods. Smart ink, on the other hand, can be explained.</p>
<p>Typified Weather Poster uses the technology of smart ink to give you the day's weather forecast. It's built with an interface that controls the response of the smart ink. This is why WiFi is needed for Typified Weather Poster. The connection sends a stimulus to the smart ink, and it changes depending on the information gathered by the internet. It's cool, right? It's been chemically engineered to give you the weather.</p>
<p>Typified Weather Poster is a hip way to know about the weather. It's also futuristic and takes advantage of today's technological advancements. Plus, it helps you save time (and your vision) by keeping you away from screens!</p>
<p>So, how's the weather?</p>


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