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OnePlus 7 Pro: Owner Review

I am a data scientist by profession and a lover of technology. Smartphones are a big part of my interests and I am always looking for the new thing in smartphones. When I am not in my office browsing the web to push my research, I am probably refreshing by playing the latest games on the phone. Nature walks are my thing when I am outdoors as enjoy shooting photos of the beautiful sceneries and recording videos of exciting events and phenomena. These are the reasons I chose OnePlus 7 Pro as my latest phone and this is my review after using it for three months. Availability and Accessibility For a long time, OnePlus has not been selling its products via carriers. This has changed in the recent past when they allowed T-Mobile to be an outlet for their smart phones. OnePlus 7 Pro is among the products found at T-Mobile and is going for $699. Another way of getting OnePlus 7 Pro is ordering directly from OnePlus for $669. People in the UK can purchase this phone from Amazon UK as well. This smart phone operates of GSM networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon also accept the use of OnePlus 7 Pro on their network. However, one needs to make a request to Verizon for routing of all messages and calls and any data traffic over LTE. Distinguished Outlook The design of OnePlus 7 Pro borrows some features of both Samsung and Huawei in design. The phone is medium sized; standing at 6.4 inches long. It is probably longer than some people may wish, though its excellent design means that it appeals regardless of the size. The screen is enlarged by the curved AMOLED design. This curved design and the enlarged screen effect is congruent to Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The phone is rather sporty with unique color effects. It is a combination of colors at the back and a glass trim resulting in glass reflecting cobalt synchronized with baby blue hues. The phone comes in different colors with nebula blue and almond as the stand out designs. Top Notch Performance OnePlus 7 Pro goes against the tendency to make tradeoffs with regards to smart phones features and functions. Contrary to other smart phones where you have to forego a functionality or feature in favor of another, this phone seems to have it all. It has an excellent speed for 12 GB of RAM. Reviews on its score on Geekbench reveal that it is well within the same caliber as Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS. The three phones compare with a score of 11,227, 10732, and 11420 respectively. Bearing in mind that both Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS are considerably expensive than OnePlus 7 Pro, the phone is worth the cost. Its performance is enhanced to allow multiple functionality at the same time without one activity slowing down the other. Those who love multitasking will definitely fall for this phone. Of course, this is not a perfect […]


Hi, my name is Mark Tawanda Munyaka. I’m a tech enthusiast and blogger who is from and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Gadgets, gaming, software, programming, you name it I’m into it. Recently, I purchased a Dell Latitude E6420 from a local tech shop on a hefty discount. Besides, the discounted price, I chose the device because it is a business laptop and performance-wise it is pretty decent. I mainly use it for blogging, editing pictures on Photoshop, building web apps and editing videos. These tasks should be executable by any modern business laptop. Weight and Size The Dell Latitude E6420 is a bit heavy for a business laptop with a weight of 2.8 kg (6.2 pounds). It can be taxing on the back when you are always on the go, so it takes some getting used to. Some of the weight is attributed to its rugged design and the battery. The Dell Latitude E6420’s design includes a significant amount of metallic components from top to bottom. This combination of metals adds significantly to the weight. As for the size, it possesses a very thick frame for a 14-inch display business laptop. The E6420’s dimensions are 34.8 × 25.8 × 3.3 cm (13.9 × 10.3 × 1.3 inches). Battery Life The E6420 has an average battery life of about 3 to 4 hours based on my daily usage. On an average day, I browse the internet using Wi-Fi and multitask with a variety of multimedia applications. I purchased the E6420 configuration with a 4 cell Lithium-ion (50Wh) battery. There’s an option for a bigger 9 cell Lithium-ion (97Wh) battery which can last much longer. Features Dell Latitude E6420 build and design The Dell Latitude E6420 possesses a standard port configuration that you would find in a typical pricey business laptop in 2011. This includes an 8× DVD optical drive, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, 5-in-1 SD Card reader, ExpressCard, 3 USB 2.0, eSATA, a SmartCard Reader and even a dock connector to extend port functionality. The screen is a 14-inch LED HD 720p (1366 × 768) display good enough for 720p HD video streaming. The E6420’s speakers sound quality is fine and includes IDT high definition sound, so the audio from the speakers is clear and audible. The keyboard doesn’t include a numeric keypad but is easy and comfortable to use. The touchpad supports multi-touch and has 4 physical buttons, 2 for right-click and 2 for left-click functionality. Build Quality As mentioned earlier, the design of the Dell Latitude E6420 includes a lot of metallic components. My first opinion of the design was that it was somewhat old-school in terms of appearance. Even if the Dell Latitude E6420 was compared with other laptops released during its time, it still looks archaic. However, being a business laptop it has quite a unique design and durable build. The E6420 has a tri-metal design which makes for an edgy and sharp feel. It has a spill-resistant keyboard which can save against the odd spill on the […]


Hello! I am Jyoti from India. Being a student, I have to read many books. And, reading eBooks on the phone strains my eyes a lot. I needed an e-reader. That’s why I had to buy an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. I spend most of my time with it now. It’s my favourite mobile device. So, I chose to review my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation here. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation Weight & Size The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation weighs 7.2 ounces and is 6.7 inches by 4.6 inches by 0.36 inches (HWD) in size. The weight is satisfying; it is pretty light. But for the size, sometimes it feels too wide to hold with one hand for too long. Although its size is quite the same as that of a typical tablet, for the longer reading sessions it is hard for me to hold it with one hand for more than 45 mins. Though it depends on person to person. My elder brother can read from it with one hand for up to 2 hrs, but no longer. Battery Life Probably the best part of this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is its battery life. I read for weeks for a few hours per day without needing to charge it. Also, it takes quite less time to get charged. So, when I happen to read some book urgently and the Kindle displays the low battery alert, I put it to charge for, say, 5-7 mins and start working back. Some say that the word wise and the browser drains more battery than the normal reading. I agree with it. But, that too didn’t make any significant difference for my Kindle Paperwhite. The battery still went for days. Build Quality Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation comes in two colours: black and white. My Kindle Paperwhite is black in colour. It has broad plastic bezels around it, similar to the tablets in the 2000s. But still, it looks great. Its screen feels like a paper, and its plastic body also gives similar sensation. I am not sure how strong is it; it’s not yet dropped on the floor. But, I think it can stand an accidental drop, if not the intentional throw. I shall give 9 out of 10 to its build quality. Price It costs ?10,999 (229.86 AUD) – a bit costlier. Though considering its uses, the price feels reasonable. Performance As an E-reader, I think it performs good. However, it is a bit slow. It takes some time to change the screen – though not too much but it’s noticeable. I think that’s because of its E Ink screen. Some even say that the Kindle takes more time to recognize the pressed key. It does. I have experienced that myself. But in my opinion, that doesn’t undermine its overall performance; it doesn’t bother too much. One can survive with that. Display Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation has 300 ppi Display The thing I’d give 10 on 10. […]

iPhone X: Owner Review

Hi, I am Rishabh, and I am a proud iPhone X owner. I decided to purchase an iPhone X as I thought it was an excellent way to enter the Apple Ecosystem and become a part of this already vast community. I use it as a daily driver, and so far it has served me well. I am delighted with the phone. I have not yet encountered any issue, and the performance is still as good as it was when the phone was launched back in 2017. Here is my review of the phone. Weight and Size The iPhone X weighs in at 174g, which is not light by newer phone standards that weigh a lot less. Moreover, it is also a bit heavier model than other iPhones that do not belong to the ‘plus’ category. Now, weight was not a big issue for me as I thought that I can easily handle the weight, plus I was going to put on a case that would have added weight to the phone. So, this was not a big concern for me. The dimensions of 143.60 x 70.90 x 7.70 meant that it could easily fit into my hand. I have not faced any problems with ‘one-hand’ use of the phone. Battery One of the big concerns that I had with the phone was the smaller battery size. At only 2716 mAH, it lasts me for almost a day. But after using it for 2 years, I have realized that this battery is indeed sufficient for me and can help me to perform my routine tasks with ease. Apple has provided wireless charging in the phone, but a fast charger is not bundled with the phone. I find this a bit odd, considering it is one of the premium phones in the market today. Build Quality Apple is known for giving the best build quality to its devices. Same is the case with iPhone X. Inspired from the iconic iPhone 4, iPhone X also comes with its backside in glass, while the front and the back are joined together with high-grade stainless steel. This feels like a marriage for the two halves. Although the protruding cameras make it ‘wobbly’ when put on a flat surface. This annoys me a little, but its nothing that a good old phone case cannot solve. The aforementioned use of glass makes wireless charging easy. Also, the fact that the glass is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass makes it tough to use and resistant to damages. I have dropped the phone a couple of times, and it has survived each of these drops, coming out with only a few minor scratches. Price Price was one of the biggest areas of concern for me while buying the iPhone. Apple is known for selling its products at a very high cost, but this is mainly because only now, Apple has started manufacturing some phones in India. Otherwise, it had to bring phones and other devices from China, […]

Google Pixel 3 XL: OWNER REVIEW

My name is Maureen Njeri. Last month I went to a mobile shop to upgrade my current phone. At the shop, I could tell that my phone was matchless in comparison with the phones that I saw on display. Additionally, the shopkeeper kept on showing and explaining the features of each phone. Lastly, he showed me the latest android phone Pixel 3 XL, launched by Google having all the features that I was looking for in a phone. Anything that Google launches gives me confidence that the product is of good quality. Google Pixel 3 XL is no exception to its launch. Google assures you of identifying any problem within their software and upgrading their software from time to time. It is a big-screened phone with a stunning camera to capture amazing pictures which I believe not any smartphone will capture. Apart from this, its wireless charging feature and a big 6.3-inch display are the main reasons that I prioritized Google Pixel 3 XL over other smartphones and purchased it! Its amazing features have made me use it regularly. Most of the times on a picnic with my friends, I use it to capture super-sharp photos with them. When I am alone, I listen to all my favorite songs as it has outstanding loud and clear speakers. I can carry the phone anywhere without worrying about its battery as it supports wireless charging system. It has insanely awesome call screen and headphone dongle and a fast charger too. However, the huge notch on the phone is hideous and takes up significant space in front. Under the fluorescent lighting, the camera gets flickered. Its body is massive with slippery slides, and your phone may slip from your hands inevitably, so you have to use it very carefully. The touch screen is susceptible and reacts to accidental touches constantly and scratches quickly too. One feature I’ll like to highlight is its low RAM bottlenecks performance and unbalanced right and left speaker volume. Following are the essential specifications of Google Pixel 3 XL that will help you in making your purchase. Specifications: Weight: 184g Dimensions:  158 x 76.7 x 7.9mm OS: Android 9   Screen size: 6.3-inch Resolution: 1440 x 2960 CPU: Snapdragon 845 RAM: 4GB Storage: 64/128GB Battery: 3,430mAh Rear camera: 12.2MP Front camera: 8MP   Performance Pixel 3 XL with 4 GB RAM and non-expandable storage of 64GB with the 128GB model has a secure Titan chip to store your passwords and biometric details I have no complains or any arising issues with the phone’s performance. It is a pretty fast phone in terms of everything, from playing games to opening apps. So, if I say it is the quickest Android, it won’t be wrong as you can multitask and use many apps at a time. Haptics, a vibration response that you get when you receive a message or tap a key when your phone is on silent mode. It is a vital feature to be considered and is present in […]


Hello readers! My name is Ali, and I am a student pursuing my bachelors in business and administration. As a student, I was always on a tight budget, but also needed a powerful smartphone that could satisfy my numerous needs. I needed a phone which, first of all, could last me the entire day as I moved from one class to another. Hence, buying a phone which had a battery of less than 3000mAh was not an option. Moreover, I have a habit of taking photographs and recording videos whenever I am outside, and so needed a camera that could meet these demands. Consequently, my search for the “best budget flagship” phone began. And after countless hours of searching the internet, reading multiple articles and watching review videos on YouTube I ultimately concluded that there is only one option that could satiate my thirst for a powerful phone while keeping my pocket in check. This smartphone was none other than the latest flagship phone by our long-forgotten friends at Nokia. But before you start complaining about how windows phones don’t live up to your standards, Let me tell you that the Nokia 8 is not a windows phone, in fact, it runs the latest version of android (Android 9 – Pie, at the time of writing this article). Furthermore, Nokia promises that it will keep the phone updated by giving you all the security patches and updates from Google as soon as they become available. So, let’s take a comprehensive look at the features and the nitty-gritty details of the Nokia 8 and you will be convinced that it is indeed the best budget flagship smartphone available. Design and Build Quality Available in four different colors – Polished Blue, Polished Copper, Tempered Blue, and Steel. The Nokia 8 proudly boasts an all-metal build (made from 6000 series aluminum) which is sturdy enough to keep it running perfectly, even if you are to drop it from your pocket (because of its metal body and damage-resistant glass.) However, the rigidness of the Nokia 8 is only possible because the phone does not use a glass back (which means that wireless charging is not an option!). Operating System Apart from the aforementioned “speedy updates” and security patches from Google, the Nokia 8 also runs on Google’s stock Android, which means that it does not carry any unnecessary software or bloatware that will make your device slower or cause third-party applications to damage your privacy or steal your personal information. Display The Nokia 8 is a compact device that feels small and natural to hold, which can be a potential solution for people with small hands (who find it harder to grip the larger flagship models.) Additionally, the Nokia 8 comes with a 5.3-inch screen with a Quad HD display resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, as well as a whopping 554 PPI (Pixels per inch) density. This makes the Nokia 8 the best option for people who are looking for a phone with a rich and vibrant display without breaking […]

Smartphone Oppo A5s:Owner Review

I would like to introduce myself here first, my name is Anuj Saxena and I run an education consulting and career guidance company in Delhi, India. I work with online as well as offline clients by guiding about the suitable career options available for them according to their mental capabilities and potential. I need to be updated regularly about the current education, studies and career related advancements and developments. Also, I need to remain available online for most part of the day to connect with ongoing and new clients. But with the devices I had, it was getting difficult for me to do so. That’s when I felt the need for a latest gadget. For being connected with all my business updates, clients and much more, I realized that I need a Smartphone that not only keep me updated about my business while on-the-go but also is convenient to operate and provide internet connectivity to my laptop with Hotspot feature. Also, I wanted to have another device for leisure purposes to watch videos, online chat and play online games and fitness features enabled in it to keep me informed about my health, but had budget restrictions. So, I decided to purchase latest less expensive Smartphone loaded with all the features in a single device that I needed for myself. Story of my latest gadget purchase I had limited budget, so I was looking for best product available within my own budget restrictions. I was looking for Smartphone under INR 10,000 and usually it is difficult to get fully loaded with features I needed, latest and less expensive Smartphone within that budget. I started surfing online, window shopping, asking from friends and family about such device. I was getting suggestions of several devices but they were out of my budget while devices under my budget were low performing with features that would probably become obsolete within weeks after the purchase. I started feeling that it would be difficult to get the good Smartphone within my budget. After all the suggestions, reviews and advice I received it was getting difficult to choose the right option fulfilling all the checkpoints. my_phone After much refining, I decided to purchase from the retail store and visited a mobile shop. I asked for the phone within my budget, again, I was surrounded with so many options. Then, finally I decided to buy Oppo A5s as it is among the best Smartphone under INR 10K category, less expensive and comes loaded with most of the features that a Smartphone user needs, including me. Red Colour Technically sound with power packed features Oppo has established itself as a brand that people can trust with the high performing Smartphones manufactured by them which are also conveniently available in the market. Talking about price band Oppo has a wide price range suiting many budgets. Oppo A5s with price range under INR 10,000 comes with highly power packed features. Having sleek and compact size, lightweight and attractive colour model makes it […]


I am a digital content creator who helps build social media content for brands. This means that I am constantly shooting videos, taking pictures and taking countless screenshots to ideate brand campaigns. A brilliant camera and extensive storage are what I look for when I decide to buy a smartphone. I have been using Redmi Note 5 Pro for over a year now but due to the limited storage capacity in my 64GB Redmi Note 5 Pro (I am a Xiaomi fan, you see) and my unwillingness to replace one of the two SIM cards4 slots with a memory card, I decided to give it up for exchange with the latest Redmi Note 7 Pro. As I said, I am a Xiaomi phone because they have cracked the formula of the mid-level smartphone well. I have been using this phone for about a month now. Read further to get an idea about the performance and the overall experience of this latest almost-flagship offering from Xiaomi.   Highlights One of the best cameras in this price range High-performance processor Strong build with an impressive form factor   Design features Redmi Note 7 Pro is a budget smartphone that can compete with most of the flagship phones available in the smartphone market at the moment. Xiaomi has been upping their game with their Note series and with Redmi Note 7 Pro it only gets better. This powerhouse has been built with Gorilla Glass series 5 on the front and the back as well. The phone feels quite premium to hold on and you would not feel like you have just bought a budget smartphone. The display is Full HD and Xiaomi has managed to include the current trend of dot notch design to make it look like a high-range smartphone. The earpiece grill has been reduced in size and moved up to the extreme top to make space for the 16cm FHD+ display. The sim tray on the left is a hybrid one where you can use two 4G nano-SIM cards together or replace the second SIM with an expandable memory card. I was hoping for a dedicated memory card slot which would have made this smartphone a powerhouse of storage. Since I have the 128GB variant, I should not be facing many problems. Xiaomi continues to have the IR blaster on the top beside the 3.5mm headphone jack (which is a blessing of its own) and the secondary microphone which helps me operate my TV, my set-top box, my air conditioner and even by wireless speakers through the Mi Remote app.   Camera Rear camera sample Rear camera sample Redmi Note 7 Pro has been marketed as the best affordable 48MP camera in the market right now which compelled me to buy this product. It also has a secondary 5MP rear lens with Sony IMX586 sensor. When it comes to photography, Redmi Note 7 Pro does not disappoint at all. The daylight pictures are sharp and captures the details with minimal […]

Google Pixel 3a XL: OWNER REVIEW

I’m a tech-savvy guy who like to get his hands on the new smartphones when they are released on the market. I’ve been an Android OS user from the very beginning and I firmly believe the Android OS is getting better over time. I’m also a photographer, and carrying the camera all the time can be a little hectic sometimes. Therefore, I invest my resources on the camera eccentric smartphones to get the most out of the moments. The only reason why I bought the Google Pixel 3aXL is because of the AI-Powered camera, affordability, and branding. A Pixel Device will get Android updates first and the Stock Android experience never goes out of style. The affordable Pixel 3aXL features the same camera as its expensive sibling’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. It was heartbreaking for most of the Nexus users when Google put an end to the lineup. I still miss the commercial where the background song of the LG Nexus 5X was Dj Snake’s Lean on feat MO. However, the smartphone industry has been through a significant amount of changes and upgradation since 2014. Google’s decision to curate its Flagship phone did massively profit the company. So, a person who has a budget of $480 can opt for the affordable pure Android device, just like I did. There is also the Android One program smartphone if people want to opt for cheaper stock Android smartphones. I also have a Nokia 6.1, which received the Android Pie update in India, three days after Google released the OS to its Pixel devices. Now, moving on the latest phone from the search giant, Google, the Pixel 3a which was released in May. The only reason why I bought the smartphone is because of the camera and regular updates. There is absolutely no other reason to buy this smartphone. Most of the smartphones with a $300-budget have better specs than Google Pixel 3a XL. Well, the worst part is that the phone has got a lukewarm response from the audience. So, yes, it is a good phone but not a great phone as compared to its older siblings and the previous generation. Weight & Size of Google Pixel 3a XL Google Pixel 3a XL When I first held the smartphone in the palm of my hand, It felt like a feather. The phone weighs around 20g. Yes, another significant setback of the phone is that it comes with a distinctive polycarbonate body. Moreover, the device measures around 160.3 x 76.1 x 8.2 mm. However, Google didn’t change the two-tone colour combination that comes with 3 XL, and this is a wow factor for the device. When I first saw the smartphone for the time, I thought that Pixel 3a XL has a metallic body design. Build Quality By the looks of it, the Pixel 3a XL is built out of polycarbonate material. There is no gap between the back and the front side of the phone, which can easily fool a person […]


Hello reader! I am Raghavendra, a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur currently heading a tech team at my startup.  Going about my usual business I found out recently that my phone’s battery ran out before the end of the day and I had to charge it at home before I can use it. I could, of course, use it while charging, but I don’t have a socket near my bed and it robs me of the convenience of having a smartphone in the first place. So off I went to find the best bang for buck smartphone which would last me at least the entire day. I use my phone primarily for watching videos online, playing casual games and getting work done on the go with project management and office tools. I have always been a fan of mid-range smartphones; they offer decent features, are reliable and come with a headphone jack! While researching for phones, my prime need was to have enough powerful hardware to run any app or game I want, a good camera to click photos and long battery life. Enter the Samsung Galaxy M30. With a whopping 5000 mAh battery, it easily lasts the entire day with charge to spare in case you want to burn the midnight oil. But what else does it have to offer? Even a Nokia 3310 has a long battery life (some might argue a bit too long), so let’s dive in! Design The phone has a sleek appearance with a unique colour gradation back panel. It is available in two colours, Gradation Black and Gradation Blue. It doesn’t feel very premium and has a plastic feel, but manages to look good despite that. The back panel also sports it’s 3 Camera setup, flash and a fingerprint sensor. The phone is lightweight and sturdily built, couple this with a decent phone cover and you can rest assured that accidental drops won’t cause any functional damage. At the bottom, you find the USB Type-C port and a headphone jack. Display The display sports a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. The display is crisp, vibrant and large enough to enjoy movies comfortably. Resolution is high enough that you won’t be seeing any individual pixels even if you smack your eyeballs into this (I do not recommend doing this though). The screen is prone to smudges and scratches so it is highly recommended to use it along with a screen protector. The screen has a great range of brightness from barely visible (for those late nights) to incredibly bright that even the high noon sun won’t wash the colours out. Camera This phone features a rear camera with a wide-angle lens and depth sensor. The front camera is 16MP but with no flash. Photos taken with this are good and the wide-angle camera is great for taking some amazing shots. Note however this phone does not feature a front flash. Although the screen goes maximum white while taking a selfie […]


My name is Ubongabasi Joseph, a final year Biochemistry student of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, born and partly brought up in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. My choice of this device was at the time of I and my teammate running several research projects in school, which needed many works of literature and the only way was to either purchase a laptop or a smartphone that could enable browsing, this prompted me to go in search of products that was within my financial reach. Checking on several phone retail shops, though I saw several product brands with their prices, of course, I needed to save up some money rather than spending all on a smartphone. Then I saw this infinix product as of 2016 which was budget-friendly, searched and found the need to purchase at that cheap rate. Earlier said the driving force to make it a choice of purchase among other brands was its budget-friendly standard which I did late 2016 practically three years after its release date. The mobile device can be tagged as a pad, smartphone, or a game console. A good network connection The smartphone offers a general specification on a 2G and 3G network as well as a mini-sim capacity, though it is created as a single sim responsive device. The body has a dimension of 193.6 x 120 x 10.5mm (height x weight x thickness) with a touchscreen keyboard and the colors available are white, black and as well as a plastic covering. I purchased a black color though of which came with a good display size of 600 x 1024 pixels and is about 7.0 inches. Its sound comes with various enjoyable features such as alert types, vibration, and has an mp3 ringtone with the support of a good loudspeaker. Bad memory space As a communicating device with various pros that are cool to every user that purchases it has its cons as well. Alongside its pros are the cons which makes me as a person de-taste its use because at times its unresponsiveness gets annoying. As a form of regret on purchasing this device, I begin with the Memory alongside its Android Operating system. The card slot has a micro SD up to 32 gigabytes with an internal space of 4 gigabytes, as well as an operating system of Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and a processor of 1.0 GHz and a dual CPU. The major cons that gets me regretting is the low RAM of 512 megabyte which makes it almost impossible to load useful applications, which if at all these applications are not being rejected while downloading will end up downloading and hanging the device memory and further render all other applications not functional, also giving the screen the inability to respond to touches. At times it gets so irritating when doing some payable jobs online and this gets me pissed always. Bad camera make up My phone camera is as well a con too, the smartphone offers a […]


Hello everyone, my name is Jatin Parmar and I am here with a review of ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1. I was looking for a decent mid-range smartphone and during my research stumbled upon it. This phone had the best performance to price ratio, hence I decided to go with this smartphone. I have been using this phone for the past year as my primary phone. I use this phone for a lot of social media, for taking calls throughout the day, a little bit of gaming and as my primary camera for taking photos. So, here is my full detailed review of this smartphone. Let’s get started. Design: The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 comes in a full metal body design. It is available in two colours Meteor Silver and Deepsea Black. It sports two cameras on the back and a single camera on the front. It comes with a micro-USB port, along with NXP powered speakers and a headphone Jack at the bottom. On the right, you got the volume rockers and power button. On the left, only the sim card slot is present. This is a pretty standard design by today’s standards. Not flashy, but gets the work done. The thickness is more on the wide side, but that can be attributed to the large 5000mAh battery. The thickness helps with holding the phone easily, as the metal on the back can be slippery at times. Performance: The phone comes with an octa-core snapdragon 636 chipset. The processor is clocked at 1.8GHz paired with an Adreno 509 GPU. Its performance is not up to the flagship mark but is reasonable for its price of 140 USD. You can be sure of having no lag`s in your day to day usage, along with a little bit of gaming. I have played PUBG on this phone and it fared pretty well at around 30 fps on medium settings. The phone does run a bit warm after heavy usage for extended periods, though that is to be expected of the phone that has a metallic back Storage: The Asus Zenfone is very flexible in terms of storage options. The phone comes with 3 options to choose from 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB depending on the price. In either case, you get a dedicated microSD card slot which supports up to 1TB of storage. The amount of RAM on your device also depends on the storage variant you choose. The RAM options available are 3GB, 4GB and 6GB. I was using the 64Gb model, which had 4Gb of RAM. In addition to all these options, you get an additional 100Gb of Google Drive storage for a year from Asus.   Camera: The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 sports 3 cameras, two on the back and one on the front. The primary 13MP on the back takes decent shots in bright light and outdoors but struggles in low light. The 5MP secondary camera besides the primary camera is used only […]

Redmi Note 7 Pro: Owner Review

Hey everyone, I am writing this review because of one single reason to share my experience that I had with my mobile. I am a content writer, blogger, and game tester. Well, I am game tester not by profession but I like to test games whenever I find time to do so, just for fun. I had a mobile Redmi 4, with a broken screen. I could play low-end games on it, but not modern games with intense graphics such as PubG. Moreover, it was used to hang so much and the battery was also draining off much faster. Therefore, finally, I decided to purchase a new mobile which can handle modern games as well as with long battery life. I searched a lot on the internet, every day! But it was becoming too overwhelming and sometimes landed on reviews which are just trying to sell the product. After wasting my time, I saw my friend was using Redmi note 7 pro to play pubg and he suggested me to purchase it as well. And after trying it for 1 month I decided to share my experience and opinion about it. 1. Specifications The specifications that it comes with are: Android Version that it uses is 9 Model name: M190F7S CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core 2.02GHz RAM: 4.00GB Internal Storage: 64GB Dual Camera: Rear (48MP+5MP), Front (13MP) Battery: 4000 mah lithium-ion Connectivity: Internet (4G, 3G, Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, USB, Map support, Gps support   2. Size and Weight Well according to specification and whats was written, size is 75.21mm by width and 159.21 mm by height. In other words, I find the size too big for me for daily usage but it is great when I play games or watch movies on it. Now, the weight is 186 grams, which is quite heavy for me. As you can imagine what will happen when you drop it and I am not even intended to test it. And talking about depth, it is 8.1mm which is not bad even. Well with this size and weight, I find it hard to carry it in my pocket. Therefore, I always have to use a bag or backpack to keep it safe while travelling. 3. Battery Life I must say I am very pleased about its battery backup. It can survive one and a half day with normal usage and 6 to 7 hours while playing games or watching youtube. Moreover, it doesn’t have any heating issues as well, just get a little warm while playing PubG. Now coming to time it takes to charge fully is at max 3 hours because it comes with some Type-C port, which is not quite fast as I wanted. For long trips, I use a power bank to support it which last for 3 to 4 days. 4. Storage Well coming to the storage, it has 64GB of internal storage, which is quite less for me as I keep downloading games one day or the other. But I am happy […]


Hi, I’m a long-time tech enthusiast and I’ve always loved the idea of waterproof smartphones with user-removable batteries. This is why I bought the AGM A8. By waterproof, I mean that there is at least an IPX7 waterproof-ness rating on the device. Passing this rating certifies an item to be submersible in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes without malfunctioning. If a smartphone can withstand being submerged in water, then you can rest assured it’ll definitely survive rain situations and accidental spills, or shallow submersion in liquid.  User-removable batteries ensure the consumer that their smartphone can remain in working condition long after phones without user-removable batteries. This–as highlighted by the iPhone battery slowdown controversy circa 2017-2018–is because the lithium-ion batteries that most (if not all) smartphones use tend to degrade significantly after 2 years. A user-removable battery feature helps solve this problem. I’m glad the A8 has it. Another reason for my purchase is because I thought this was the best smartphone in the market in the waterproof user-removable battery category. I was wrong. I should’ve bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 because it has a mountain load more features than the A8 at the same price range. You can find a full specs comparison for them here: I thought waterproof removable battery smartphones from the mainstream brands didn’t exist until I heard about this one, along with the Samsung Galaxy Xcover series. In any case, below I detail my experience with the AGM A8, a surprisingly charming budget rugged phone that’s definitely grown on me a bit after all this time. Price The A8 costs $140 in Aliexpress. Ruggedness The A8 is IP68-rated which means it is both dustproof and waterproof. I haven’t tested my A8 for dustproof-ness but it has been dropped a few times over its life. Its screen is protected by a first-party tempered glass screen protector but it touches a table surface directly when the phone is face down on a table. This is the limit of its ruggedness. I imagine, if this phone was dropped a certain way, the screen could break–maybe–but this phone has survived all drops it had been through so far (about 20 times). This device has been through drops that would have easily cracked most smartphones, even ones with protective cases attached. Imagine someone releasing a grease-proof phone in the future. That’s something I’d like to see. My A8 has gotten greasy a few times over its life. When the greasiness gets too hardcore, I literally wash my phone with soap and water, it’s wild. I have done this about 30 times already, including once to shoot this picture: So far, I have never gotten this phone submerged in water. It can probably survive it, but I’m too scared to try that out. As a mountain biker, all the ruggedness I need from this is drop-friendliness and rain-readiness which it does have thankfully. Customer Support I enthusiastically share that my customer service experience with the A8 has been excellent. […]

Tecno F3 (Tecno Pop1): Owner Review

I chose the device considering the price range, brand, and specifications. I have previously used other smartphones other than the Tecno brand such as HTC and Sony Xperia. For the Tecno brand phones, I have used Tecno WX3 LTE phone which is in the same price range, with a 4.5-inch screen and 4G,3G and 2G internet connectivity. Other than calling and sending short messages, I use the device for social media interactions through the various platforms, taking photos and videos, sharing them to friends. For work, I need a device that I can write from, read and easily access E-mail and attachments mostly in MS Word, Excel and, PDF formats. Fast internet settings, phone loading speeds, camera clarity, and enough storage to hold media and apps are another consideration. The Tecno Pop1 phone goes for less than 100dollars in most retail shops and online stores. The phone’s reception is pretty good though it fluctuates from 3G to 2G in remote areas. It is a good idea to choose 3G/2G connectivity to keep from searching for network connectivity. 3G/2G internet connectivity(auto mode) I chose to review the phone, as am currently using it. Weight & Size The phone is 5.45 inches and light. The phone is not too thick and can be held comfortably during use. The size is good for watching YouTube and videos on the phone and also for reading. The black parts on the screen take considerable space. To increase the screen dimensions and give better viewing screen, the company should consider removing the dark area at the bottom of the screen and adding to the overall screen. Being so light the phone is convenient when running errands, on the go and for people who like devices that fit into their hands. Battery Life It has a removable battery. The phone is charged through a cable (No wireless charging). The phone’s battery lasts a day and night if there is no much activity. During a busy day, when connecting to the internet and increased use, having a charger or a power bank at hand is a good consideration. Switching to battery power saving mode once the phone battery goes low, extends the battery life for a longer time than when on normal settings. The phone’s battery life is decent and does not overheat during charging. Build Quality The phone comes in a variety of colors- gold, black, red and blue. The phone is built to last with a metallic back cover. The phone has fallen severally on the concrete floor and it is still intact-though the phone has a screen protector guard and a protective back cover. It comes with the protective back cover. The phone model is Tecno F3, device name Tecno pop1 and android version 7.the CPU Core-Count is four with a 1.3GHz Frequency. The screen resolution is 960X480, internal storage of 8.00GB and RAM of 1.00GB with a slot for a microSD. It uses EDGE cellular network. It is Dual SIM (Mini-SIM) with the SIM […]

Apple iPhone XR : Owner Review

Hi There, My name is Luzaan. Gamer, wife and stay at home mom to fur babies, enjoying my piece of tech, just as much as the second guy.  Now, the same type of research you would put into, before buying any new console, or media player, generally goes into, buying a new phone. Hours and hours, of browsing different sites, and reading reviews, maybe even opening up a couple of Youtube tabs. BUT, it’s not the same as when you have the product in your hand, and you start you thinking, was this the right product for me. My review, my iPhoneXR, I chose this device, as it is my every day almost attached as a second limb piece of tech I have. From calling, to skyping, mobile games, research, productivity. Everything is done on this little device. My initial response. I LOVE it, but it could be that I am a crazy Apple fan, almost my piece of Upper East Side, Manhattan. I switched over a couple of years ago, and since then, no turning back. Poor husband, can’t keep up, its like catching Pokemon, gonna catch them all. (In my case purchase them all.) So I have an iPhoneXR, software ver 12.3.1. 64GB. Blue Edition. I use to have the Apple iPhone 7 you can see all the specs here (Tech specs)  My IPhoneXR Specs. Now my new iPhoneXR came with some nice features. (Tech specs here) Wireless charging 6.1? LCD liquid screen 13.5Hours Battery Life Face ID Edge to Edge screen Lots of colors (Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue) IP67 waterproof (Have to honest, have not tested this. Super scared my phone will break) What I didn’t enjoy upfront. All great, I was super stoked for the wireless charging, but as time went on, I wasn’t happy about not using my phone whilst on a charge. This is your choice if you want to use wireless charging. Another thing, since the removal of the jack (earphones port) you have this annoying adapter, that you need to carry around with you if you haven’t purchased the Apple earpods. For a Smart device, that, in my opinion, wasn’t a smart choice. Currently, if you still haven’t purchased the earpods, you have an adapter that can split the two, and you can input your charger and earphones at the same time. Although I do wish, for the price of the contract, or the phone, they would include a downgraded version of the earpods. Now, this puts you back in ZAR about R249.00. I also had to purchase a cover immediately, because of the glass backing. don’t want that to break that, the screen, because of the edge to edge, I struggled for a day, to find a glass protector, and the one, which I found, wasn’t even compatible with my phone, but I had to get one, needless to say, when I dropped my phone, the protector cracked, and I had to remove it. What I did enjoy. I have […]

ZedAir Laptop: Owner Review 

I am Nhaoma, a content writer from Nigeria, and it has been less than a year since I left University.  Circa 2018, I needed a laptop for a school project that required a lot of typing, and I needed it fast. I originally had quite a few requirements for my first-ever laptop, but the urgency of my need shrunk my list down to two things. These were functionality and super affordability. After making my need known to the appropriate party – my big brother – I chilled and waited. He was my choice because he was better versed in the techy arts, so I trusted his judgement more, and it did not hurt that he would be paying for it. A few days later, I took delivery of a large-pizza-box sized package and opened it up to discover a sleek silver ZedAir laptop. Before this time, I had never heard of this product, but its weight, size, and colour already had me interested, so I went online and did some research. I didn’t find out a lot, because it’s a little known product. But it has been two years since purchase, and I have had quite a mixed experience using it. So, based on its specifications and particular features; here is an honest and detailed review of the ZedAir Laptop, self-acclaimed slimmest laptop in the world. Specifications Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU: 1.44GHz  Operating System: Windows 10 Home  Installed RAM Capacity: 2.00 GB  Internal Memory: 32GB Display size: 14inches Weight: 1.67 kilograms  Size: 333 x 220 x 20 mm Camera(Front): 2 MP Battery Current Capacity: 10,000 mAh Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion Polymer  Connectivity: HDMI(1), USB 2.0 (2), MicroSD, Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm Audio Jack(1)   Weight & Size  A portable system, its official weight is 1.67 kg; and although I haven’t weighed it, I can confirm that it is this light. Its weight is one of my favourite features, easy to carry around without straining your muscles or bag. And when working for hours without a table or desk, this device is comfortable to use; unlike other ‘laptops’ that leave your legs feeling like you just went through an intense cardio session With dimensions of 333 x 220 x 20 mm, its size is another plus. This laptop is quite sleek, and its claim to be the slimmest laptop in the world is not far fetched. It can fit into your tote, bookbag, backpack, and even some well-sized briefs.  Battery Life  The battery capacity of the ZedAir laptop is 10,000 mAh, and while that might seem like a reasonable amount of juice, it does not perform so well. The first three months, its battery performed well, even exceeded my needs. But after those early months, the battery started acting worn out, and battery life was reducing pretty drastically.  While initially, I could use the Wi-Fi without being plugged into a power outlet, that wasn’t working anymore. If I tried that, my laptop would be dead within fifteen minutes. Watching movies on the go […]

VEGER VP-0520 5000mAh Power Bank: Owner Review

I’m a freelancer and an online business owner. If I’m not using my laptop, I’m mostly on my phone checking emails and managing my business page either on Instagram or Facebook. I find it more convenient to just use my phone especially when I’m outside. With that, having a power bank with me has become a necessity because I can always charge my phone while on the go. I was using a bulky power bank before so I decided to purchase a slim one, something that will easily fit even in my small bags or wallet. Luckily there was a sale that time so I immediately purchased this power bank and have been using it for three weeks now. Here is a quick review and I hope this will provide valuable information that can help you decide if you also want to purchase one. Product Specifications Brand: VEGER Model: VP-0520 Micro USB Input: 5V/2A Lightning Input: 5V/1.5A USB Output: 5V/2A Capacity: 5000mAh/18.5Wh Dimension: 124.1mm x 68.1mm x 9.3mm Weight: 132g Warranty: 18 months Input Charging Time: ~3-3.5 hours Features Over charge/discharge/current multiple protection Smart power management High capacity and high-density battery Smart charging solutions These can be seen on the box packaging but aren’t described in details and I can’t find any information even from their website. With that, I won’t be able to expound on the features mentioned above as these are happening internally on the product. Packaging Some of the Veger power banks only come with a hard plastic case but this model comes with a neat looking box. It contains other information about the product as well as the stickers that can prove its authenticity. The package comes with a micro USB cable, manual and warranty card.   Product Authenticity Verification I find this very important especially when purchasing electronic items. It’s nice if we can verify that what we have is indeed authentic. On the upper right corner of the box, you’ll see the gold hologram sticker which has Veger logo and a text that says 100% original. While at the back, you’ll see the green sticker at the lower right corner. It has a QR code and something that says, “Scratch Coating”. When you scratch that, it will reveal the 16-digit anti-fake code. Just go to Veger’s Anti-Fake page and input the 16-digit code.   You’ll get a confirmation message that it is a VEGER original product. I am confident that it is authentic since I bought it from their flagship store here in the Philippines. But being able to check and verify it yourself is a good thing too. Design and Built Veger VP-0520 is very slim, lightweight and super handy. It is metallic which makes it really elegant and has almost the same feel and size as my iPhone 6. I especially love that for this model, they have rose gold color variation which is perfect for my rose gold iPhone case. They also have it in black and silver if you prefer […]

Samsung Galaxy A30 : OWNER REVIEW

Hello everyone, I’m Arthi. I am a freelance writer. Who usually loves electronic gadgets and loves to share my experiences of gadgets which I use in day to day life. One fine morning the device (smartphone) which I have been using for two years has broken. I ended up my relation with that smartphone. Since then, I began to research new smartphones and got to know about the new Samsung Galaxy A30. I was quite impressed by the first impressions,  and today, I own Samsung Galaxy A30, which released in March 2019.  Now I am here to talk about it after having used it for 20 days. Design and Build Quality The new Samsung Galaxy A30 comes with Blue, White, And Black colours. The headset offers a glossy look with slim curves all around. As the back panel looks like Glass, it is made up of plastic, which attracts a lot of Fingerprints and Smudges, and easily prone to scratches when using without a back case or cover. Samsung Galaxy A30 has a fingerprint sensor mounted at the rear end and placed ideally for the finger to reach. The phone is light in weight and handy as it isn’t that wide. The volume button and power button are placed on the right side of the mobile and are easy to tactile enough. Headphone socket 3.5mm, type-c port, and single speaker grid were present at the bottom of the mobile. I prefer Black colour because of the vibrancy it brings to the device. I bought a black variant I loved the crafting made by Samsung with premium looks in this price segment (INR 15,490). Other than the plastic body, the build quality is exceptional. Display The display is the first thing which made me buy Samsung Galaxy A30. Samsung Galaxy A30 comes with a 6.4-inch aspect ratio of 19.5:9 full HD+ infinity U super AMOLED display. I have seen the adaptive brightness setting, which is a good option. So we won’t have trouble seeing the screen in different lighting conditions. But it drains out the battery up to 8% to 10% even in Standby-mode. We can also adjust the white balance if we want it cooler or warmer and can change the tone of the colour. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display with 1080pixels resolution is tremendous for watching videos and playing games. The display looks rich And enthusiastic. Samsung Galaxy A30 also gets the Widevine L1 certification for HD support, and I can watch HD videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime.   Performance Processor: Though Samsung Galaxy A30 performs well in handling day to day tasks with Exynos 7904 chipset, observed a bit lag on the initial setup process, and even when multitasking (using multiple applications at once). I found the opening and closing of apps little irritable and makes you nervous. Moreover, turning off animations can now open and close apps without any lags. Gaming: Generally, I don’t play games on my smartphone but installed pubg for the testing performance of […]

Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT – Owners Review:

A wanderlust packs his bag with minimum clothes and a huge playlist. Yes! I am one of them. Music connects people in the best ways. Ask me how I remember things and I will tell you which song I was listening to when that event took place. So the quality of earphones is something I do not compromise on-wired, wireless be it any kind. Sennheiser has a great history and a master’s degree in switching people to music mode. Straddling the line between audiophiles and more casual listeners the company always has been a treat to our ears with the finest sound quality. So I was using this wired pair of earphones which restricted me to move around and even in the gym I was finding it uncomfortable, Freedom first people! The time had finally arrived to buy new wireless earphones.  After ransacking all the sites, stores, flipping the pages of reviews I finally clicked the button “buy now!” And ordered Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT.   Quality Check: Ever sat beside a passenger or somebody wearing earphones and you could listen to the conversation as if a live podcast? No, do not eavesdrop but you wouldn’t like something like that happening to you. Do you? A good quality earphone saves you from spilling your beans around. Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT is a perfect fit and once you put them on it is you and your world. The qualities are listed below as I observed them- The bass is potent. Free CapTune app and EQ tool for you to add customization. CapTune connects apps like Spotify, Google play music, Apple music. Super impressed by the clarity of the music. The surrounding noise is sealed decently but not totally so volume up when the train passes or when the drilling is on. Do not forget the school bands! The call quality is amazing. But again if the background noise is more you got to raise the volume! Other features like it consist of a 3 button remote – do not expect yourself to master it as soon as you purchase it and it also has the multi-connection capability.   Design and Weight: 49 grams! It is an ultra-lightweight frame, probably the lightest earphones I ever used. The designing part – it is black with navy blue buttons and a tinge of silver to add beauty. The cable connecting both sides is neat and decent. On the other right side, you find an inline mic, playback controller and a battery charger that is placed in a rich manner. You get four sizes of earbuds so you will definitely find your Cinderella fit! And all of this comes in a packed plastic box, there is no pouch available this upsets me slightly. Coming to the tangling part you won’t have any issues here. Once they are in your ear all you need to do is focus on the job you are doing because Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT do not fall away.   The Connectivity: “Alexa […]

Redmi Note 6 Pro : Owner Review

I like to purchase things with more features coming at the least price possible, and this is the reason I am not a fan of very costly phones of Apple or Samsung. I am a university student with low income, so I am always on a tight budget. Here comes Redmi Phones and Vivo Phones that helps students or middle-class people to select good quality phones and this is the reason I choose Redmi Note 6 pro as my primary phone this year. I did complete research before choosing this phone, but you cannot understand a thing better until you use it yourself. Let me share Redmi Note 6 pro review after using it for nearly four months. Phone Design This Mobile has a trendy and excellent design. It has a full metal body. It was available in four colors (gold, blue, black, and red) while I choose the black one. The touch screen is also lovely with a 5.8+ inches display. There is a notch at the top, which, after using for some time, became seamless for me. However, this notch doesn’t perform very well with few apps, notably games. The display looks 1080px to me. Camera Quality There is a 12+5 Mega Pixels rear camera and a 5 Mega Pixels front camera. The rear camera is pretty decent and takes good pictures, but the selfie camera is not that great. As soon as I took a picture in low light you with the front camera, I realized that 5 Mega Pixels are too less for a selfie camera. It is one of the downsides of this phone. Although it is a budget-friendly phone, still they would have been able to increase the quality of the front camera. There are many phones in the market with a similar price tag and a better front camera. Thank God I am not that obsessed with taking selfies. If you take too many selfies, then this phone is not for you. If you are a girl, it is better to try any other OPPO phone. Redmi is usually more about performance rather than camera quality. In terms of recording videos with it, I mostly use the rear camera. It gives me several options, such as the use of artificial intelligence. It has face recognition as well as auto-focus. I love to travel, so the rear camera is enough to take impressive shots with it. Although this phone cannot beat the camera quality of other phones but considering the price point, I think this quality is ten times more than you can expect in a phone with twice the price from Samsung. Battery Life It has a 4,000mAh non-removable battery. In terms of timing, it is satisfactory. I can use the phone for more than a day continuously with my WIFI On at the same time. Also, it supports fast charging, so it is a blessing. I never have to worry about its battery. Build Quality Redmi Note 6 Pro has a reliable […]

Apple Watch Nike+ : Owner Review

  As a student and a freelancer with an active lifestyle, I always had strict criteria for the tech I buy. It has to work hard, and it has to work fast. So when Apple announced the launch of the new Apple Watch series, I have decided to go for the Nike+ model (Apple Watch series 4), as it was promised to be a great asset in everyday life, as well as in workouts. This would be the first smartwatch I own, which is why I did a lot of research before finally settling on this model and taking a risk – what if it turns out to be a useless fashion trend? However, I have been wearing the watch non-stop for the past week, and let me tell you – I got my money’s worth (roughly 400$). Design When it comes to design, Apple doesn’t mess around – we have all heard stories about lawsuits and feuds caused by Mr. Jobs’ obsession with the visual aspect of the products. The watch is not an exception. Sleek, pitch-black rounded screen framed by a thin sliver of metal is peak elegance and unmistakable trademark design. The control wheel on the right of the screen is a subtle, but functional accessory to the whole ensemble. The watchband is connected to the device via easy-to-use sliding fasteners and can be changed to any of the various offered band designs. The fit is comfortable, and the interface is responsive and “intuitive” – I didn’t have to guess where to tap or press and got used to the device on the first day. Functionality Everyday life How often do you take out the phone out of your pocket just to check if there’s a new important email or a funny text from a friend? While it’s a habit many of us have adopted, in some situations, it can be bothersome and even rude. Wearing the watch, though, I was kept in the loop with a slight vibration notifying me every time a message was sent to my phone or a social networking app. Even though my model of the Apple Watch does not include cellular services, I can still receive and send messages and calls, so I didn’t have to worry about missing a text. I was also pleasantly surprised after getting notifications from applications that were not installed on the watch itself, like Tumblr and Discord. Workouts Personally for me, tracking physical activity is the main reason why I have bought this product. I have only been using Endomondo on my iPhone and was curious to check the official Nike apps: Nike Training Club and Nike Run Club. Additionally, there are Workout and Activity apps already installed. When I was ready to break a sweat, NTC offered me complete video workouts with audio guidance on my iPhone with the watch reminding me when it is time to rest or change the exercise. This app, however, only works in pair with your iPhone, but the […]

Asus Vivobok : OWNER REVIEW

I am Adan Ramirez, I am a computer science student, it should be no surprise that a laptop is a key component of my everyday life, we use it to code and do whatever other tasks we may need to do, reports, documentation, graphing equations and so on. A while back my old laptop just bricked, I heard a crack from it and it was gone, just gone, I tried to fix it for a while but no luck, lost too much time on it and I was fed up, so I decided to purchase a new laptop so I could easily work on projects or homework if I wasn’t at home. And so I looked around for a laptop which I could afford with whatever savings I had, and so I checked online for a laptop looking mainly for the right price, I found one that was just the price I had in mind, and the specs were not too bad, so I decided to get myself an ASUS Vivobook A505BA-BR432T.   First impressions Just after breaking it out of the Amazon delivery box and opening the nice packaging I noticed that this is a very good looking laptop the front has a nice texture on it, sort of like diagonals that go across the part back of the screen, and of course the big Asus logo in chromed letters in the center of it, upon opening it I encountered a nice keyboard that looks well in contrast to the clear material surrounding it, but I was a bit disappointed it didn’t have a numeric pad, but it is expected due to the following aspects. The screen is also a plus here, the side edges of the screen are thin, thinner than most laptops, one centimeter tops, which helps reduce its size, and weight, compared to my other laptop that also had a 15-inch screen, this laptop is about 3 centimeters shorter, and about 200 grams (7.05 oz) lighter, which may not seem like much, but every little weight off a bag you carry as much as I do is a lifesaver, walking a literal mile with 200 grams less feels like a world of difference. And the portability is one of the best aspects of this laptop, the charger is also very compact, but unwieldy, a square of about 5 centimeters per side and about two centimeters thick with the connection sticking out is very easy to carry around, but not practical for connecting it in some places. Performance As I mentioned before, this computer I use mainly for coding simple programs in python, java, and other c based languages, and it really does this decently enough, nothing great but also nothing remarkably bad. Battery life The battery life is just about what is expected from most laptops, getting 3 to 4 hours of use depending on what you are doing while the battery is in use, as far as more resource-intensive usage goes, I have seen it […]

Motorola Moto z3 Play and Moto Mods: Owner Review

Artis here, the proud owner of a Motorola Moto Z3 Play. I love this phone. I use it all day, every day for everything, but that is normal for anyone living in this day and age. I can’t imagine any more a life where I was baking, and while washing my hands say “OK, Google. Count ten minutes”. I mean… having to look for the app and program the timer? Or even worse, look for the physical timer? Too much work. I use it to communicate with my family and friends, listen to music, watch videos and play games like anybody else. But… What makes this phone so special? The Moto mods. Power Pack First is the battery pack. or power pack. I usually don’t have to charge my phone very often, charging it at night covers my basic communication needs, but when I go camping, hiking, traveling or on a long commute, it’s helpful and very much appreciated to have the option of snapping that thing and double the juice on your device. Insta-share Then we have the insta-share projector. It’s handy. I don’t use it much, but my sister doesn’t even own a TV thanks to this snappy little thing. Of course, the resolution is not going to be as good as a 4k screen, so movie junkies beware, but it does get the job done. Stereo Speaker Now for the music lover in me, we have the moto stereo speaker. I’m used to enjoying music while playing card games or dominoes with my friends. I used to have to use a Bluetooth speaker, which I had 3 of because the battery ran out after a couple of hours, but now I just snap this mod, and we’re good. The audio quality is way better than the Bluetooth speakers, and the battery life is insane. 360 camera The moto 360 camera is great. I don’t own it, but my brother recently used it for his wedding and it looked amazing… during the testing. Sadly it poured during the ceremony, but I was impressed with the small tests we were able to do with that little contraption. I’ll probably buy it with my next phone, which is going to be the z4. Gamepad I play mobile games a lot, and this phone can deliver. It runs your usual mobile games no issue, even on split-screen, but PubG and Sword Art Online Integral Factor too, which impressed me. Having the option of snapping a game controller made for the phone, the moto gamepad, is a huge plus for others like me. Unfortunately, I don’t own it… yet. The phone The Good Talking about the phone itself, the moto z3 is great. I especially love the rear dual camera, takes great pictures even with dim lighting. Plus the Google Lens integration is super helpful to find anything. I recently found the name and author of a lithography a friend had in her living room for over ten years in just a few […]

Lenovo Yoga C930: Owner Review

Someone who had a little or no knowledge about computers purchased a MacBook Air because of its exterior design and portability. And that person was ME! After using it for many years, it was time to replace it with a new laptop as the performance was deteriorating and I could not see a reason to upgrade my MacBook with the new components. So I got myself a new laptop. Before that, I went through tons of websites with special offers for different laptops that would meet my requirements, mainly considering the speed and budget. During my schooling times, I had gone through so much trouble due to compatibility issues because there were some software (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Visio, Erwin, to name a few) ONLY available for Windows. Because there were not a lot of Mac users in my country, Nepal, I could not find the essential tools for free of charge for my schoolwork. This was part of the reasons why I decided to go for Windows this time so I wanted something that would put me on the same page as other users besides just getting the great features embedded in the new machine. Today, I own the Lenovo Yoga C930 model that was released in 2018 and now I am here to talk about it after having to use for some months. Let me first point out the important factors followed by my overall review. Performance and Design My laptop is integrated with high specifications; core i7 processor, 16gGb RAM, and 512Gb SSD. So far it has rendered greater efficiency and better performance. I have not had any technical issues to date even when multi-tasking but the little noise due to the excessive use never seems to get away with any of the laptops I have used so far. I guess this is a common problem for everyone. The lightweight, stylish design and not forgetting to mention the 2-in-1 convertible with a 360-degree hinge just made my life easier to travel and use for the entertainment of any sort. Furthermore, it comes with touchscreen functionality, full HD and 4k display that output brighter display and higher screen resolution. Talking about the sound, it has a soundbar fit into a convertible hinge that rotates with the display, delivering the 3D spatial audio quality. With that said, it does set apart from any other laptops out there. Next to it at the rear is the active pen housed inside, it allows me to take notes immediately without having to find the paper and pen. Strength and Durability I have been taking good care of my laptop. Thus, I have not run into any mechanical issues as such yet. It is still in mint condition. Since it is made of aluminium, there are chances of dent formation at the edge just like I have faced with my old MacBook, when hit on the hard surface. Fortunately, there was no sign of internal damages in my MacBook. I am expecting the […]
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